Chaos ensues after Joe Biden collapses on Air Force One

The president has clearly been struggling with his health. But this is scary.

And chaos ensued after Joe Biden collapsed on Air Force One.

On Tuesday, a video of President Biden nearly tripping up the Air Force One steps sparked questions about the world leader’s stamina and fitness on social media.

Conservatives criticized the president, with many pointing out that another near-stumble on the plane’s new, shorter stairs demonstrates how Biden is “falling apart in real time.”

Someone quipped that Biden would someday need to be pushed up the stairs in a “stretcher.”

After saluting the U.S. Military members at the bottom of the new, shorter stairs to Air Force One, Biden proceeded to mount the steps and stumble, catching himself on the handrail.

With Biden’s mental clarity and physical stamina a major concern, Tuesday’s video did nothing to alleviate those fears.

“Joe is afraid of stairs!!” Leo Terrell, a Fox News contributor, stated.

RNC operative Jake Schneider inquired, “What comes after the short stairs? Strapping Biden to a stretcher and carrying it?”

The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller gave Biden an out, joking, “Well it did look a little windy.”

Conservative digital strategist Alec Sears added a mocking remark, writing, “Lots of vigor on display here.”

Citizen Free Press shared the clip, and commented, “Joe Biden almost trips twice on the short steps. The man is falling apart in real time.”

Although the president did not fall, the scene alarmed watchers, who can recall the president’s historic sequence of mishaps when descending the larger Air Force One steps in 2021.

Biden has nearly slipped up those steps several times over the years, prompting his aides to switch to shorter stairs last year to make it easier for him to enter the plane.

The New York Times reported earlier this month, “Now, there is a Secret Service agent positioned at the bottom of the stairs when he disembarks.”

Biden has also suffered several public falls during his first term, the most stunning being his catastrophic fall onstage at the 2023 Air Force Academy graduates ceremony.

According to The New York Times, the Biden 2024 campaign initiated operation “Bubble Wrap” in November, with campaign sources saying that they had devised strategies to prevent the president from collapsing on stage or when boarding his plane.

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