Democrat ally shocks the nation by uttering these four words about Kamala Harris

It’s been a bad go for the Biden admin lately. It’s about to get even worse.

Because what was just said about Kamala Harris by a top Democrat ally just changed everything.

The question hanging over the head of the nation is whether or not Joe Biden will actually be the nominee for the Democrats and make it to the ballot-casting season in the general election this November. It’s been dominating news headlines everywhere, and rightfully so considering this is extremely unprecedented.

It’s a sad situation seeing Joe Biden clearly so unfit for office while his close family members and allies essentially hold him hostage. What is funny though is seeing the media make a complete 180-degree turn right before our very eyes. The turn around in the narrative concerning Joe Biden’s fitness was so swift, it’s enough to give you whiplash. Literally as soon as the debate ended, the media was calling for Joe Biden to step down and giving him negative press.

Why are they doing that? Well they want their guy to win. When your guy can’t win by the looks of it after reading the writing on the wall, you want your corner to win. The media can see that Joe Biden is seriously up against it and it would require a miracle the likes of which American politics has never seen for Biden to win a second term to the White House. They are trying to drum up support for someone else to step in and run against their vowed enemy, Donald Trump.

Joe Biden and his allies, however, are digging in their heels. In ABC’s interview with the president, Joe Biden made it extremely clear that he believes he’s the only one qualified to lead the nation and beat Donald Trump. This is ironic considering he’s never able to make anything else clear, ever.

The dam is breaking though, and now a top Democrat strategist and data analyst is saying that it’s simply better for Joe Biden to step aside and let Kamala Harris take her shot.

CNN Analyst Suggests Kamala Harris as Stronger Candidate Over Biden

In a recent analysis, CNN data reporter Harry Enten expressed his willingness to consider Vice President Kamala Harris as a viable alternative to President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. Enten shared his perspective during a discussion on CNN Newsroom with host Pamela Brown, citing polling data that indicates Harris’ stronger performance with independent voters.

Enten’s remarks come in the wake of a challenging June 27 debate for Biden against former President Donald Trump. Biden’s performance, marked by moments of hesitation and verbal missteps, has fueled ongoing discussions about his viability as the Democratic nominee. Despite these concerns, Biden has remained resolute in his decision to continue his campaign.

Delving into the polling data, Enten highlighted the comparative advantage Harris holds over Biden. “If you look at the average of polls, Harris does slightly better than Joe Biden against Donald Trump,” he noted. According to Enten, Biden trails Trump by three points nationally, whereas Harris narrows that gap to just one point. The key factor, Enten explained, lies in Harris’ appeal to independent voters.

“Among independents, Donald Trump leads Biden by four points,” Enten elaborated. “However, Harris is up five points against Trump. This is the main reason why Harris is performing better overall against Trump than Biden. She simply does better with independent voters.”

The debate’s aftermath has also seen a growing chorus of Democratic voices urging Biden to step aside. Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett was the first to call for Biden’s withdrawal, followed by statements from Representatives Raul Grijalva, Seth Moulton, Mike Quigley, and Angie Craig. Additionally, New York Representative Jerry Nadler and three other Democrats echoed these sentiments in a recent phone call with Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

Enten also addressed the broader public perception of Harris compared to Biden. “There are fewer voters who have an opinion of Harris than of Biden, and many tend to have a negative opinion of Biden,” he said. Enten suggested that given Trump’s unpopularity, Harris might have a better chance of swaying independent voters.

Currently, the RealClearPolling average shows Biden trailing Trump by 3.3% in a national head-to-head matchup. This margin widens to 4.9% when factoring in independent candidates like Cornel West, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“If I were a Democratic donor or activist, I might be willing to take a roll of the dice because, at this point, Biden is doing significantly worse than he has ever done against Trump, especially among independent voters,” Enten concluded.

As the Democratic Party navigates the complexities of the upcoming election, the debate over the most effective candidate continues to evolve, with Harris emerging as a potential frontrunner in the eyes of some analysts.

Those who are skeptical about replacing Joe Biden are saying that, while it may look like the grass is greener elsewhere, there could be landmines that pop up for a new candidate replacing Joe Biden. Skeletons in the closet are known to completely destroy a political campaign, and it is certainly rolling the dice to force Joe Biden aside and have someone new like Kamala Harris step in.

This is the bed the Democrats have made though, and now they must lie in it. Huh, ‘lie’. There’s some joke there about how much Democrats lie, like they did about Joe Biden’s mental health.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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