Democrat Congressman calls for genocide in career-ending rant

The Left is getting more unhinged by the day. But this is something that no one should ever say.

And a Democrat Congressman called for genocide in a career-ending rant.

During a high-stakes argument Monday night, Rep. Jamaal Bowman claimed that the term “From the River to the Sea” — which suggests the destruction of Israel — is not inhumane.

The two-term congressman backed anti-Israel protestors who use the contentious slogan, despite the Anti-Defamation League’s allegation that it calls for the destruction of the Jewish state.

“I know some do, others don’t, I do not,” Bowman (D-NY) said in response to a question from an audience member at Monday’s News 12 debate against Westchester County Executive George Latimer ahead of June’s Democratic primary.

Meanwhile, Latimer presented a stark contrast to Bowman’s concise evaluation.

“I think it is hate speech because I think it’s clear that ‘From the river to the sea’ has meant specifically the eradication of the Jewish population from the land of Israel,” Latimer said.

Latimer, 70, also stated that some young demonstrators may be repeating the phrase without comprehending its meaning.

“What’s behind the marketing campaign that’s being advanced is to try to delegitimize Israel and that there be a free Palestine is a hopeful sign, but it has to accept the fact that there is an Israel there as well,” he said.

Bowman, 48, stated earlier in the discussion that he supports Israel’s right to exist and seeks a two-state solution. Latimer has also stated that he supports a two-state solution.

The two sparred for about 60 minutes during the local televised debate, and sparks flew at times.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been a main theme in the contest between Bowman, a former educator from Yonkers, and Latimer, who has served in various public positions and lives in Rye.

Bowman, a strong critic of Israel, called for a permanent cease-fire following the October 7 crimes, repeatedly slamming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He has also drawn criticism for dubbing Israel an apartheid state and doubting claims of r*pe carried out by Hamas against Israelis during the terrorist attack.

Latimer, who has expressed strong support for Israel, has gotten significant financial backing from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), for which Bowman chastised him on Monday.

“You’re the number one recipient of AIPAC money in the country,” Bowman said, with Latimer cutting in, “And why do you think that is?”

He then alleged that AIPAC is funded by a “right-wing Republican who wants to destroy our democracy.”

Bowman also accused Latimer of presenting him as the “angry black man” after criticizing his leadership style.

“You can’t preach and scream at them on the steps of the Capitol,” a riled-up Latimer said. “He’s ineffective as a congressman.”

Bowman lifted his arms, irritated at Latimer’s harsh criticism.

“The angry black man, the angry black man,” Bowman said. “It’s the Southern strategy in the North. And they expect us to be quiet about it, we’re not going to be quiet about it.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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