Disturbing video gets sent to Joe Biden’s Oval Office and he was left paralyzed in fear

President Biden’s made a lot of enemies during his time in the White House. But no one’s ever thought to do this.

Because a disturbing video was just sent to Joe Biden’s Oval Office that has him fearful of what’s next.

President Biden’s foreign policy has been one of the most criticized aspects of his entire tenure as the 47th President of the United States. It all started when Americans saw how horribly the Biden administration handled the Afghanistan pullout plans that were laid out for the president. All he had to do was execute.

He decided to do the opposite. He left billions of dollars in military equipment in Afghanistan for Taliban terrorists to secure when they inevitably took control of the region with a power vacuum left in the United States’ absence. Not only that, but some American citizens were at risk in the region with no where to go.

He’s also received heavy criticism for lying to the American people that the Ukraine-Russia war would be over in a matter of just a few months after Russia invaded Ukraine. That war is now raging on two years later and he’s still trying to sell the American people on the idea that Ukraine just needs a little more time and a “little” more American taxpayer dollars to the tune of tens of billions.

Surely you would think the Biden administration would take greater care to ensure they have a good, strong response to the October 7th tragedy in Israel when Hamas cowards invaded Israel and targeted innocent civilians with the most brutal m*rderous acts one could possibly imagine. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

He’s been anything but clear on the matter. One moment he’s saying he fully supports Israel, the next he is saying behind closed doors that he absolutely hates Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and believes they’ve gone too far in trying to get back at Hamas.

Both supporters of Israel and critics of Israel are frustrated with Joe Biden. He’s coming off as weak whenever any major foreign conflict arises. This doesn’t just impact foreigners though, this also impacts American citizens and American hostages in particular.

Hamas has released a video featuring an American hostage in Gaza, drawing condemnation from Israel, which has labeled it as “psychological terrorism.”

Approximately 130 hostages, including several Americans, are being held by Hamas while Israel continues its campaign against the group in Gaza. The video, released on Wednesday, depicts a man identifying himself as Hersh Goldberg-Polin, an American hostage captured during the October 7 attacks. In the footage, he appears under duress and shows visible injuries.

The Israeli government denounced the video, calling it another tactic of psychological warfare by Hamas.

Goldberg-Polin, in the video, states that it has been “nearly 200 days” since his abduction, indicating the recent filming. He is shown missing his left hand, with injuries sustained during the October 7 attacks confirmed by video evidence and witnesses.

Describing his capture at a concert in Rei’m, Goldberg-Polin narrates his ordeal and delivers a message allegedly dictated by Hamas, criticizing the Israeli government and Benjamin Netanyahu for neglecting the Gaza hostages and rejecting a ceasefire deal. He accuses the Israel Defense Forces of killing 70 captives in airstrikes and urges Netanyahu to accept a deal promptly to secure the hostages’ release.

The video concludes with Goldberg-Polin expressing hope for reunion with his family and urging them to remain resilient.

Israeli journalist Yoseph Haddad reacted to the video with shock, denouncing Hamas’ actions as barbaric and highlighting Goldberg-Polin’s prolonged captivity.

Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire and hostage release are underway, with Israel proposing a six-week ceasefire and the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for hostages. However, Hamas rejected the offer, citing uncertainty about the hostages’ condition.

Public outcry in Israel has grown, with protests demanding stronger action to free the hostages. Despite unfavorable polling, Netanyahu has ruled out early elections amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

International pressure mounts for both sides to reach a ceasefire agreement to facilitate the hostages’ release and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. However, negotiations have faced obstacles, with Hamas making unrealistic demands, prolonging the conflict.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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