Donald Trump confesses live on camera after leaving court

Former President Trump has his work cut out for him. He’s in the fight for his life in the courts.

But Donald Trump’s made this stark confession live on camera after leaving court.

The past several weeks and months have been utterly wild for Donald Trump and his lawyers as they gear up for a whirlwind of legal battles leading up to the 2024 presidential election this November.

Most recently, Donald Trump was searching for ways to pay off an absolutely insane $475 million bond that many believed he never would’ve been able to pay in a thousand years. No doubt, that’s a lot of money for anyone no matter how rich. It’s not like you can pay that in stocks, it’s got to be liquid assets like cash or turning over real estate assets to the government.

Then Donald Trump surprised everyone by making some absolutely massive business deals that made him much, much wealthier. It was estimated that he was already a billionaire, but of course the Left tried to say he was broke as a joke even if it wasn’t true. But now there’s no denying his wealth after his social media company completed a merger that made his net worth explode to over $6.5 billion.

Not only that, but he got a big court win as well. Instead of a $475 million bond, he now has to pay a $175 million bond. Still a ton of money, no doubt, but much more manageable. The Trump lawyers even said he plans on paying it in cash.

But that’s not all that’s noteworthy from the eventful court day for former President Donald Trump and his lawyers. After leaving court for the day, Donald Trump took to the airwaves to give a speech and he eviscerated Joe Biden and the Democrats for their “dirty politics” designed to keep him on the outside looking in come November.

Donald Trump made a major confession. He said that he believes that Joe Biden is ultimately behind all of these legal battles he’s facing that are designed to keep him from winning a second term in the Oval Office, in his opinion.

“So they could have done this in the case of the trial that we just left, one of the many that it goes on — every single one of them is run by [President Joe] Biden and his thugs, the only way they think they can get elected, and I think so far it’s backfiring because the people of this country understand it,” Trump said at one of his properties in Florida after leaving court.

He went on to say that he believes it’s clearly a “weaponization” of the federal government’s agencies but that it is ultimately backfiring as the American people can see right through it all.

“It’s backfiring, but they’re being run and they’re running all of these different cases, so ridiculous, the cases, every one of them is ridiculous. You take a look at any one of them and you say, any one of them, it wouldn’t make any difference. This is all weaponization of DOJ and FBI.”

Trump reminded everyone listening that this all began when they decided to perform a warrantless raid on his Mar-a-Lago property back in August of 2022. That was the first domino to fall that’s led to an all-out legal war on Donald Trump and his allies.

“They raided my house in violation of a thing called the Fourth Amendment, not allowed to do that,” the former president claimed. “They raided my house in Florida, Mar-a-Lago — no notice, no nothing, they raided it.”

Later in the speech, Trump lamented the many issues popping up as a result of the southern border crisis that continues to be a major problem for southern regions in the United States. He blames Joe Biden for this and called him the “worst President in the history” of America.

“…and we’re fighting crooked Joe Biden, who’s the worst president in the history of our country by far, who’s let this country go to hell. The borders, millions and millions of people coming in from prisons…”

Interestingly, CNN was airing this speech from Trump’s Florida property but eventually cut the feed because they said he was making a “plethora of falsehoods.” Surely, though, CNN wouldn’t cut a feed of Barack Obama even if he was in the middle of hijacking a plane and headed straight for the empire state building. So the “lies” argument is a little bit of a double standard, don’t you think?

Besides, who’s to say Donald Trump is lying? Is it really all that far-fetched that Joe Biden, who has had no problem using the weight of the federal government for his own political benefit, would do what he can to encourage legal attacks on the leading presidential candidate?

Millions of Americans don’t believe that’s far-fetched at all. Surveys even suggest that those who are Democrat voters believe the legal attacks on Trump are politically-motivated in nature. CNN is likely just seething that Trump is going to die another day.

The DC Daily Journal will keep you updated on any major Trump legal case news.

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