FBI implicates Joe Biden in a major investigation

President Biden’s let the FBI run amok. Now he’s facing the consequences.

Because the FBI has implicated Joe Biden in this major investigation.

A small company owner in Dolton, Illinois said that he was penalized for declining to contribute to an event that Mayor Tiffany Henyard hosted, prompting reports that the FBI is examining charges of improper conduct against her.

At a press conference held at the White House on January 19th, as part of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ annual winter meeting, Henyard had shared an Instagram video in which she converses with Biden.

Henyard has reportedly been living large on a combined salary of about $300,000, which is more than the state’s governor, and makes regular use of beauty vendors, according to the latest reports. This is despite the fact that the typical income of the 23,000 people of the Illinois town is just $24,000. A number of Henyard’s public tirades have drawn criticism; she has accused local officials of “beating and attacking on a Black woman that’s in power”.

Frustrated that the Village of Dolton refused to renew his business permit, Lawrence Gardner, owner of a U-Haul rental and transportation company in Dolton, reportedly resorted to the FBI, according to reporters with Fox News. Dolton Police allegedly shut down his shop, harassed him, and raided him. Gardner thinks it’s revenge for his refusal to contribute to a community event that Henyard was hosting.

Gardner told FOX 32, “I talked to a couple of [FBI] agents and I explained to them what’s going on.”

“I gave them all my paperwork to show them what was happening in court and what was happening in Dolton. And they told me they were investigating and would be in touch with me.”

The FBI officers he met with allegedly took his accusations seriously, he asserted. “Yes. Very serious. Very.”

Several business owners, a former town employee, and at least one public figure have allegedly spoken to the FBI on Henyard’s behavior, and Gardner is one of them.

According to Fox reporters, restauranteur Dewayne Wood has also been struggling to renew his business permit for the past year and a half.

Wood thinks he has had trouble having “Wood’s Kitchen” licensed because he has catered to the Dolton trustees, who are involved in a political war with Henyard. Despite this, he has supposedly avoided speaking to the FBI.

“I’ve heard rumors that say, hey I’m on the wrong team,” Wood stated, later clarifying, “I think I’ve been targeted because of my association, affiliation with a certain group of people. The trustees. I’ve cooked for the trustees.”

Rumor has it that one of the trustees is happy about the FBI looking into the matter.

“The Board of Trustees and I have repeatedly questioned the Mayor’s Office on her use of public funds,” stated Jason House, a trustee belonging to the Dolton district. “We welcome any investigation that will bring transparency on how taxpayer dollars are being spent. Our residents deserve this level of financial transparency.”

According to Henyard’s PR firm, the FBI has not yet contacted her.

“Mayor Tiffany Henyard and the Village of Dolton have not received any subpoenas and have not been contacted by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency,” according to the company.

It seems highly unlikely that Lawrence Gardner’s business license has nothing to do with the fact that he hasn’t been willing to bend the knee and kiss the ring of Democrat Mayor Tiffany Henyard.

That’s just how Democrats operate. They abuse their power as much as possible to get their way and force everyone else to fall in line. Maybe Tiffany Henyard learned that tactic from the last two Democrat Presidents in Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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