Former Obama official exposes Joe Biden’s darkest secret

Barack Obama’s administration is well aware of Biden’s antics in the White House as VP. Now they’re telling all.

And a former Obama official exposed Joe Biden’s darkest secret.

Unfortunately for Americans, Joe Biden has had influence and power in the White House for almost twelve years.

For eight of them, he was Vice President to President Obama, and now he has his own four to serve.

But Biden’s time in the Obama administration may have done him more harm than good.

Former staffers who worked directly with then-Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama administration have described current concerns about his age as “a very real issue,” with some concerned that he has gotten more “frail” and “mumbly.”

“If you watch Joe Biden speak, oftentimes he sounds frail and he sounds more frail than he used to, even in 2019 and 2020,” Jon Favreau, the chief speechwriter for Obama when Biden was vice president, said in a recent episode of the Pod Save America podcast.

“The voice sounds frail, and he shuffles more because of the arthritis in his back,” Favreau said, adding that the oldest-ever president also appears “mumbly.”

He cited polls suggesting that up to 80% of Americans are concerned about the president’s age of 81, saying it must be addressed head on because they can see his apparent decline.

Even though the president has made an increasing number of gaffes and linguistic blunders, he needs to go on camera more if he is to alleviate voters’ concerns about his age — and his absence will make matters worse, Favreau said.

“When world events seem like they are overtaking him and he’s not out there enough forcefully, that’s what’s getting people concerned,” Favreau argued.

Jon Lovett, the podcast’s co-host and also a former Obama speechwriter, voiced similar concerns.

He argued that if Biden is mentally and physically fit, it may be worth bringing him back into the public view even if it means dealing with gaffes.

“I’m sure that going out there means more missteps … more gaffes that start circulating, but if you don’t view Biden being out there as a net positive, then the argument he shouldn’t be running is right.”

Former Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer sees this as the main issue for Biden to tackle.

“If Biden can’t assuage, particularly among his voters from 2020, then I don’t think he can win the election — so in some ways, it’s the crux for his campaign.”

“There’s a segment of voters who have decided — as of right now, I think their minds can be changed — who have decided that Joe Biden is too old for the job and can’t do it, so they’re not going to listen to anything he says,” he said.

The problem all of these strategists are missing is that Biden may just not be all there.

It’s great to think that Biden might just be getting a little slower because of his age.

But age doesn’t make people remember meetings with dead people:

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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