Joe Biden is fuming after CBS just stabbed him in the back with this shocking report

Hunter Biden

The corporate media elites are best known for running cover for Democrats anytime a scandal breaks. But CBS just flipped the script.

And Joe Biden is fuming after CBS just stabbed him in the back with this shocking report.

Millions of Americans don’t trust mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and CBS.

Over the years, they have proven they are nothing more than the PR team for Democrats and pals in office.

Republicans are constantly dragged through the mud for doing something as simple as saying we should enforce our border laws.

While Democrats are given free passes and even their corruption is swept under the rug.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Legacy Media’s treatment of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Leading up to the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post dropped its bombshell report on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the corruption it implicated Joe Biden in.

Instead of reporting the story, mainstream media outlets like CBS tried to discredit it as “disinformation.”

And the FBI went to work telling Big Tech social media platforms like Facebook to squash the story lest it hurt Biden’s chances of winning the election.

But now CBS has finally come out and confirmed the laptop to be genuine and the story true – better late than never I guess.

Conservatives on Twitter slammed the network for its reluctance in reporting.

“Two years after anyone with a functional brain realized the Hunter Biden laptop was 100% real @CBSNews has finally gotten around to reporting the Hunter Biden laptop is 100% real,” Outkick founder Clay Travis tweeted.

“SURPRISE!!!” said Raheem Kassam of The National Pulse, one of the first publications to report on the laptop’s true contents. “Two years after many of us broke much news and independently authenticated Hunter Biden’s laptop, CBS news says ‘Yep, it’s real, and it’s bad!’ They even regurgitate stories we did 2 years ago! Can’t make this up!”

According to Travis, CBS’s Lesley Stahl addressed President Donald J. Trump directly that the problem was effectively fake news.

“Two years ago Donald Trump told CBS’s Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes the Hunter Biden laptop was real and should be covered by the media. Stahl said it couldn’t be verified,” Travis tweeted. “Two years later @cbsnews has finally verified it. Trump was right. Again.”

CBS wasn’t alone in its decision to shout down anyone who brought up the Hunter Biden story.

But they, like all the others, won’t admit their mistake. Instead, they’ll just report the news everyone knew was true two years ago as if it’s earth-shattering today.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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