Joe Biden just got awful news that has his reelection campaign on the rocks

The 2024 election year is not going the way Biden had planned. But now things have taken a complete nose-dive.

And Joe Biden just got awful news that has his reelection campaign on the rocks.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are looking grim.

If the election were held today, former President Donald Trump would likely win thanks to how he’s polling in key battleground states.

Trump is looking to flip several swing states back to red after losing them to Biden in the 2020 election.

But not only is the president not looking too hot in the polls, his fundraising battle between Trump has taken a turn for the worst.

According to reports from the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC), $76 million was raised for the former president in the month of April.

That’s $25 million more than what the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were able to raise in the same month. They reported on Monday that they raised over $51 million in April.

That number is definitely less than the $90 million that both the DNC and the Biden campaign raised for him in March.

“[A]ll while [Trump] was forced to sit in a courtroom for a sham, Soviet-style trial,” Lara Trump, the RNC’s co-chair, said in a post on X about the fundraising win over Joe Biden.

“Despite their desperate attempts to stop him, the momentum & grassroots support is GROWING & will continue all the way to Nov 5.”

But even though momentum seems to be shifting in Trump’s favor on the fundraising end of things, Biden’s campaign and the DNC have more overall cash. In fact, they’ve reported that they have $192 million of cash on hand.

At the end of March it was reported that Trump’s campaign and the RNC have $93.1 million in cash.

“April’s haul reflects strong, consistent grassroots enthusiasm for reelecting Joe and Kamala, and is giving us the resources necessary to invest in opening offices, hiring organizers and communicating across our battleground states in order to mobilize the coalition of voters who will decide this election,” Biden/Harris Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriquez said.

“Trump’s operation continues to burn through cash and lag behind our growing and aggressive campaign, with no ground game and no demonstrable interest in talking to the voters they need to win.”

“We’re taking nothing for granted, but only our campaign is doing the required work every single day to earn voters’ support this November.”

Joe Biden and his campaign can boast high fundraising numbers for now, but real momentum is on Trump’s side.

And that momentum will only grow as his supporters become increasingly frustrated with the sham trials that he’s currently being subjected to.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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