Joe Biden looks like a moron after this devastating war news hit the public

President Biden’s made so many promises over the years. Almost all of them were lies from a fool’s mouth.

And now Joe Biden has made a terrible mistake that’s made him look like a complete moron.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been raging on for more than two years now. You might remember that, two years ago, U.S. officials who were quick to throw America’s support behind Ukraine were saying that the war wouldn’t last more than a few months.

They said that Ukraine with the support of the U.S. and western European allies would be able to defend itself and deter Russia from wanting to wage this war any longer than a few months.

Then a few months turned into a year. After a year, the Biden administration was still saying that the war would be over any day now. All it takes is just a little bit more support for Ukraine in the form of military equipment paid for by the U.S. taxpayer to get Russia to stop their invasion campaign.

In December 2023, Joe Biden said that the American people will never “walk away from Ukraine” and today the federal government is sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine at every opportunity they get.

Just recently, Joe Biden signed a bill that approved more than $60 billion in military aid for the Ukrainian military this quarter. The Biden administration and the Democrats were selling this aid bill as necessary to defend global democracy and finally put an end to the war between Ukraine and Russia.

The only problem is that Russia seems completely undeterred. In fact, the war front news is only getting worse and worse, leaving millions of Americans to wonder how the Biden administration could be making such a critical mistake spending billions upon billions of dollars on a war effort that they are apparently losing.

Ukrainian forces experienced significant territorial losses over the weekend, despite receiving a substantial military aid package from the U.S. in April, as reported by The New York Times.

From Friday to Sunday, Russian forces captured more territory per day than at almost any other time since the war’s early days, seizing nine villages in Ukraine’s north while Ukrainian fighters retreated, according to the Times. This advancement occurred just weeks after Congress approved a $61 billion military aid package for Ukraine on April 21, which proponents argued was essential for Ukraine’s defense against the invasion.

Denys Yaroslavsky, a Ukrainian reconnaissance commander, wrote on Facebook, “The first line of fortifications and mines just didn’t exist. The enemy freely entered the gray area, across the border line, which in principle should not have been gray!”

The $61 billion aid package from April included funding for weapons, arms purchases, training, and more, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. This funding supplemented four earlier aid packages, bringing the total U.S. aid to Ukraine since the war’s outbreak to $175 billion, as reported by the Council on Foreign Relations.

While it remains uncertain if the recent Russian advances represent a temporary setback or the beginning of a prolonged period of success, the exhaustion of many Ukrainian soldiers on the front, along with limited ammunition and dwindling manpower, could pose serious challenges for the Ukrainian army, according to the Times. Thousands of civilians have fled their homes, seeking refuge in Kharkiv, the largest city in the region where the Russians had success over the weekend.

A Department of Defense (DOD) spokesperson shared with reporters, “We are focused on supporting Ukraine’s defense in the Kharkiv region, where Ukrainian forces are fighting hard. On Friday, we warned that we had been anticipating that Russia would launch an offensive against Kharkiv and were anticipating that Russia would increase its attacks in an attempt to establish a shallow buffer zone along the Ukrainian border – and we have been coordinating closely with Ukraine to help them prepare. We are also working on another aid package to get urgently needed aid to Ukraine – and the Department of Defense has been moving heaven and earth to deliver all of these supplies to Ukraine as rapidly as possible. As we have said previously, Congress’ months-long delay in passing the supplemental put the Russians at an advantage, and it will take Ukraine time to regain the initiative.”

According to the Times, Russian forces are beginning to reach or attack towns and villages outside of Kharkiv. It is possible that the Russians are advancing in the Kharkiv region to divert Ukrainian troops, attention, and resources from other areas, potentially setting the stage for a broader breakthrough.

Franz-Stefan Gady, a military analyst based in Austria, told the Times, “The Russians have understood, just as a lot of analysts have, that the major disadvantage that Ukraine is currently suffering from is manpower. By thinning out the front line, you are increasing the odds of a breakthrough.”

To date, the war has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, but the front lines have remained largely static in recent months, according to the Times. Manpower is becoming a critical issue for Ukraine, which has a much smaller population than Russia and is now beginning to mobilize convicts to join the fight, despite previously criticizing Russia for doing the same earlier in the conflict.

Recent surveys have demonstrated that the American voters are steadily growing more concerned that the U.S. is far too involved financially in this war between Ukraine and Russia after two years of backing Ukraine. Early on in the war, Americans were overwhelmingly supportive of backing the Ukrainian defense against Russia’s invasion. Today, that is in danger of flipping the other way around as more and more Americans believe the U.S. has done enough.

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