Joe Biden’s alarming test results just threw 2024 up in the air

The President’s well-being has been the talk of the town recently. Now it’s all coming crashing down for him.

And Joe Biden’s alarming test results just threw 2024 up in the air.

It doesn’t take a doctor to take one look at Joe Biden and be concerned for the man’s health.

It seems like every passing day brings a new video or leaked info about the poor guy.

And to those who follow the news, it comes as no surprise.

But even the average voter has major concerns.

According to a stunning new study, half of American voters expect President Biden to lose track of where he is during the forthcoming presidential debates, with more than a third anticipating him to stray offstage.

The poll, released on Thursday by JL Partners, found that a startling 70% of respondents anticipate the clumsy 81-year-old to make a mistake during the TV debates, while 40% believe the oldest-ever president is so weak he won’t even be able to stand.

Former President Donald Trump, Biden’s debate opponent, is expected to handily win the debate, with 90% of Republicans confident in his victory.

Worryingly, 49% expect Biden to forget where he is, and 41% believe he will walk the wrong way off the debate platform.

When asked what adjective best describes their opinion of the president, those questioned overwhelmingly replied “Old.”

The results came after Biden began to walk off during a skydiving demonstration at the G7 meeting in southern Italy on Thursday, prompting the host country’s prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, to take measures to bring him back into the group.

As the leaders of the world’s wealthiest democracies cheered the nighttime parachuting show, the president’s gaze shifted away from where the others were staring.

Meloni then stepped over to Biden, backwards so she could still face her fellow leaders, and stroked the president’s right arm to signal that it was time for him to rejoin the group.

White House senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates defended the president, arguing that the video, which was extensively broadcast by wire services, was distorted.

“[Biden is] saying congratulations to one of the divers and giving a thumbs up.” Bates said on X.

Biden’s staffers have long admitted that the president, who would be 86 if he served a full second term, has occasionally lost concentration in private meetings, in addition to his very public mistakes.

The debate will be held in Atlanta and marks the first time Biden and Trump go head to head in the 2024 election campaign.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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