Kamala Harris fell to her knees when she found out who her replacement might be

Vice President Kamala Harris can’t believe it. Her arch nemesis is back.

And Kamala Harris fell to her knees when she found out who might replace her as vice president.

Even though Joe Biden’s approval numbers are a total dumpster fire, somehow Kamala Harris’ job approval is even worse in the eyes of the majority of the American public.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings sit anywhere between the high 20s and the low 40s, depending on who you ask. It averages out to around the mid-30s when you take all the polls into consideration. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, usually sits about three to ten points behind Joe Biden.


But her approval ratings have always been pretty low, whereas Joe Biden’s at the very least started out pretty positive until he completely fumbled the Afghanistan pullout and embarrassed the nation. So why is that?

Well Kamala Harris came in unpopular. She was a “diversity” hire as it’s put in the corporate world. Joe Biden really only picked her because she was a black woman. That was his requirement for his vice president pool of options.

Looking at that pool, she was the best option back in 2020. Kamala Harris, though, didn’t come out of that presidential race in which she was a Democrat candidate unscathed. She caught a ton of fire from her contemporaries.

Her biggest critic during the race was none other than former Democrat U.S. Representative of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi Gabbard completely exposed Kamala Harris on the debate stage multiple times, and Harris never recovered. Many believe that the Harris campaign was pretty much k*lled because Gabbard so brutally destroyed her on the debate stage.

Who can forget when Gabbard brought up Harris’ past as a California prosecutor which was full of questionable judgements. Judgements that did not sit well with the Democrat voters at all. She was exposed as a total hypocrite.

Tulsi Gabbard running for the Democrat presidential nomination that year was an interesting choice for sure. She stood out as a Democrat that didn’t really sound much like a Democrat in modern America at all.

In fact, just a couple years later and in October of 2022, Tulsi Gabbard announced that she would be leaving the Democrat Party once and for all. In her announcement, she described the Democrat Party as “elitists” who don’t have the best interests of the American people at heart and how it’s completely unrecognizable from what the Democrat Party of decades past stood for, in her opinion.

Fast forward to today, and Tulsi Gabbard is way more closely aligned with conservatives. Even Donald Trump. In fact, she may very well be at the top of the list for Donald Trump’s potential vice president pick. Donald Trump has said that she’s a serious contender himself.

He even recently said that he wanted a candidate that didn’t have a lot of experience on the issue of abortion so that American voters who are on the fence on the issue aren’t too put off by a vice president who has a history of being extremely pro-life. Tulsi Gabbard fits that bill.

Some conservatives spoke out against Donald Trump for making those comments. They say he should be loyal to the pro-life movement that he claims to champion.

But regardless, there’s no way around the fact that Tulsi Gabbard definitely seems like what Donald Trump is searching for in a viable vice president for his second term in office.

So if Donald Trump’s campaign wins in November and they make Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a one-term ticket, that would mean Tulsi Gabbard would be the vice president to replace Kamala Harris in a shocking turn of events. Who would’ve guessed that coming to fruition back when they were both running for president or when Joe Biden took office back in 2021?

It would be a sweet irony that would be a serious blow to Kamala Harris’ political future, that’s for sure.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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