Leading Leftist went scorched earth on Joe Biden in a stunning betrayal

Biden needs his party to rally together if he wants to win reelection this fall. But not every Democrat is on board with that idea.

And a leading Leftist went scorched earth on Joe Biden in a stunning betrayal.

President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict has divided the Democrat Party.

Some Leftists are pleased with the way Biden has handled things, specifically with his support of Israel.

Others wish he wouldn’t support Israel at all and would make better efforts to call for a ceasefire between the Jewish nation and Hamas.

One of these Democrats, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), hasn’t kept her feelings about Biden a secret.

In fact, she’s suggesting that voters should protest the president this November when they go to vote due to his handling of the Middle Eastern conflict.

Tlaib claims that Biden is an “enabler” for not saying that Israel’s military efforts in Gaza in the wake of the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks are a genocide.

“Each year, our country, and I say our country because it is our country, sends billions of dollars to maintain an apartheid government and support the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians,” the Democrat representative said on Saturday while speaking to the People’s Conference for Palestine.

“It is disgraceful that the Biden administration and my colleagues in Congress continue to smear them for protesting to save lives, no matter faith or ethnicity,” Tlaib said, referring to the pro-Palestinian protestors that have made a large presence across the United States in recent weeks, especially on college campuses.

“It is cowardly, but we’re not gonna forget November, are we?”

Rep. Tlaib, a Palestinian, promoted a Listen to Michigan campaign earlier this year which tried to get Michigan voters to vote “uncommitted” in the Democrat presidential primary.

Along with her sister Layla Elabed, Tlaib wanted Democrats in her home state to show their displeasure of how Joe Biden has handled the Israel-Hamas war by refusing to cast their ballots for him in the primary.

Tlaib has noted in the past that she may till vote for the president in November.

But her latest comments at the People’s Conference for Palestine may cast some doubt on if she’ll do that or not.

Michigan is a critical battleground state in this year’s presidential election.

If Rashida Tlaib can convince enough of her base in the Great Lakes State to ditch Biden, then former President Donald Trump could swoop in and carry the state.

This division that the Democrat Party is experiencing couldn’t come at a worse time.

President Joe Biden’s reelection chances could be in serious jeopardy, and based off Rep. Tlaib’s most recent statements, she doesn’t seem all too concerned if he loses his bid at a second term.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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