Medical examiner drops bombshell about Joe Biden’s health

The hiding of Joe Biden’s failing mental health is over. Now it’s a matter of time.

And now a medical examiner has blown the cover about Joe Biden’s health.

In his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Joe Biden was directly asked whether he would agree to a full neurological and cognitive exam. His response at first was that he gets a neurological test every single day. This isn’t true at all, and he’s trying to say that what he goes through every day is equivalent to a neurological test. This makes no sense at all.

During the interview, he had more of those “what in the world is he saying” moments that was added to the long list that just keeps piling up. When asked about whether he had watched the debate back, his answer was that he “didn’t think” he did. So, essentially, he didn’t know. He didn’t know if he watched the debate from a week prior. How in the world do you not give a clear answer to that simple question? It’s yes or no only.

Now medical professionals have been weighing in ever since this news has been on the front page of every outlet. In one recent case, a doctor appeared on Fox News and said that these are not simply “gaffes” and that the description of these mental failures are way more serious than just a simple slip up.

Dr. Marc Siegel Criticizes Media’s Characterization of Biden’s Cognitive Lapses

On Monday, Dr. Marc Siegel expressed strong criticism towards the media for their portrayal of President Joe Biden’s cognitive lapses as mere “gaffes.” Siegel’s comments, made on Fox & Friends, highlight a long-standing issue with how Biden’s mental fitness has been reported by corporate media.

The media’s efforts to downplay concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities faced a significant challenge following the president’s recent debate with former President Donald Trump. During his appearance on the show, Siegel pointed out that the media’s description of Biden’s cognitive issues as “gaffes” does a disservice to the president and the public.

“We started pointing this out four years ago,” Siegel remarked. “The media is finally acknowledging it now. With all due respect to George Stephanopoulos, I discussed this with Sean Hannity four years ago. Back then, it seemed like we were witnessing the early signs of mild cognitive impairment. To the public now, it appears to have progressed further. However, I’m not his doctor and haven’t examined him.”

Siegel continued by noting, “There are clear issues with spatial orientation and severe memory lapses. The media’s tendency to label these incidents as gaffes isn’t helpful. These are not simple mistakes; they are errors related to thinking, judgment, and attention. These are critical aspects, and often, the patient is the last to recognize them.”

Biden’s recent interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, which aired on Friday, appeared to be an attempt to reassure voters of his capability to serve as president. During the interview, Biden attributed his debate performance to having a “bad night” and denied experiencing cognitive decline.

When Stephanopoulos asked, “Do you dispute that there have been more lapses, especially in the last several months?” Biden responded, “I’m still in good shape.”

The president also dismissed concerns about becoming increasingly “frail” and indicated a reluctance to take a cognitive test or withdraw from the race.

Biden has faced significant pressure to step aside since the CNN debate on June 27, where he experienced multiple verbal missteps and appeared to freeze on stage.

Early on Monday morning, however, Joe Biden’s team sent out a letter to all Democrats that he will not be stepping down under any circumstances and reiterated that he believes he’s the best person for the job as President of the United States at this time.

Whether or not this is true is yet to be seen. While it appears as though the Biden corner is serious about staying in the race, there’s no doubt that Democrats are extremely fearful that the tide has shifted overwhelmingly into Donald Trump’s favor.

All the polls and surveys suggest this too with Joe Biden trailing the popular vote by anywhere from two to seven points, which is all but ensuring an electoral college win for Donald Trump.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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