Merrick Garland humiliated himself in a shocking testimony you have to see

The White House can’t seem to pick anyone competent. There has been embarrassment after embarrassment with this lot.

And now Merrick Garland humiliated himself in a shocking testimony you have to see.

If you don’t have thick skin, you’ll never make it in politics.

And if you can’t seem to do your job, you’re going to have your feet held to the fire.

Merrick Garland is finding that out the hard way.

As attorney general, he is the leading law enforcement officer in the nation.

Take a look around you, does he seem to be enforcing any laws? Maybe laws that target conservatives, but not ones that benefit the American people.

That’s why Republicans called him to answer for it, and his answer is astonishing.

Garland gave himself an “A” for his work on crime during his three years in office, but told Congress on Tuesday that there is “room for improvement.”

The assessment outraged Rep. Mike Garcia, the California Republican who pressed Mr. Garland to evaluate himself and claimed that as the Biden administration’s top law enforcement official, he should have been much tougher.

“I’m going to give myself an ‘A,’ but with room for improvement,” Mr. Garland said, smiling slightly at legislators on the House Appropriations Committee.

“I would give you an ‘F,'” Mr. Garcia stated.

He cited the pandemonium at the border and the high death toll from fentanyl overdoses as evidence that Mr. Garland is failing.

“Your giving yourself an A under these circumstances demonstrates a lack of self-awareness,” stated the member of parliament.

He stated that his rating was not personal, but rather “this is to help you get better.”

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, a Democrat from Maryland, said he would not give Mr. Garland an “A,” but he was “close” to it.

“I feel secure at this point that you’re the best person for the job,” he went on to say.

But Americans across the nation would disagree with this characterization.

Back in January of this year, only 44% of Americans approved of Garland’s performance so far.

Who knows what it’s at now? We’re not sure the Democrats want to know.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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