MSNBC host makes a claim so utterly stupid that the network could lose its license

Big Media outlets will push their propaganda at all costs. But their days are over.

And now MSNBC might lose its media license after a top host made this truly idiotic claim.

Over the past several years, there’s been a real shift in the way Americans are consuming the news. Small, independent news reporters and outlets are taking more and more of the attention of Americans away from the “legacy” media outlets like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, and NPR.

The reason for this is really simple: Americans are fed up with the propaganda they are being fed by the major news outlets who are only interested in their agendas being pushed at all costs. So they are increasingly turning elsewhere for decentralized reporting that doesn’t have billions upon billions of dollars behind what’s being put on live TV.

According to Pew Research Center, in 2020 about 35% of Americans said they preferred to get their news from television networks. That’s a far cry from the “glory days” when TV networks dominated the news with the majority of Americans getting their news from them. In 2023, that number sharply dropped with only 27% of Americans saying they prefer to get their news from TV outlets.

The legacy TV outlets only have themselves to blame. They refuse to learn from their mistakes and evolve. Instead, they are doubling down on the propaganda game which is only making Americans lose more and more trust.

A prime example is the obvious propaganda that MSNBC’s top host Joy Reid tried to peddle this week concerning once hostage WNBA player, Brittney Griner.

Joy Reid argues that Brittney Griner was likely only held hostage by the Russian authorities headed up by Vladimir Putin because she is a “black queer celebrity” and that it would get a rise out of the Americans by unfairly holding her hostage.

“To me, it’s sort of shocking to think about spending nearly a year far from home, wondering if you’ll ever get out. Because she was sentenced to nine years, nine and a half years incarceration for what, in this country, would amount to nothing, and for something that wasn’t even deliberate,” MSNBC’s Joy Reid began.

“But I think the Putin regime understood that they had not just a black celebrity, a black queer celebrity, somebody who could be used internally as a pawn, somebody who they could sort of internally mock and hold hostage from the United States, knowing the trauma that it would cause back home,” she added.

That’s some next level stupidity, that’s for sure. It’s almost so stupid, you don’t know where to start in breaking down her lunacy.

First of all, Brittney Griner was not innocent like the Leftist media outlets would like you to believe about her. She was literally caught smuggling an illegal drug into Russia, which is a violation of their laws. You have to respect the laws of the nation you are in.

She didn’t so she was imprisoned. That’s not that hard to understand. The Left just wants to paint a picture of a black American being unfairly imprisoned by those evil Russian fascists who are just racist pigs. Nothing could be further from the truth, in this instance.

Secondly (and this is where it’s really bad), does she not realize that Brittney Griner was not and is not the only person to be held hostage in Russia? In her case, Russia actually had a legitimate reason to imprison her.

In the case of Evan Gershkovich, there is no reason. He has been falsely accused of espionage by the Russian authorities and he has been a hostage for over a year in Russia. But, of course, the Left doesn’t care about his case at all. They don’t pay him any mind, because that would look too bad for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Gershkovich is a white man, and Joy Reid doesn’t care about his case for that reason. He’s not a black man who MSNBC can try to suggest is being held hostage for racist reasons by the Russian authorities.

Brittney Griner, even though she was held hostage for real reasons, was given her freedom in exchange for a Russian arms dealer who America knew was far too dangerous to be let back out into the real world. How is that not more than fair?

If anything, it was a ridiculously unfair deal for America. That’s why Joe Biden received so much heat over the exchange. Give us a break Joy Reid on the constant race-baiting nonsense. It’s getting old.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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