This 7-2 U.S. Supreme Court ruling puts Democrats and Leftists on a skewer

The SCOTUS has been extremely busy lately. But their latest ruling might be one of the biggest in years.

And this 7-2 ruling from the Supreme Court Justices has Democrats and Leftists completely melting down.

There may be no issue that gets the Leftist hive-mind buzzing more than the transgenderism issue. All you have to do is point out the obvious and the Left loses their minds.

A simple proclamation that biological s*x is real is a heresy for the Left today. There can be no one that contradicts their transgender agenda, no matter what. Even children must be subjected to it all.

The popular method for the radical Left to submit children to their transgender agenda is with the use of puberty blockers. Sounds insane, yeah? Well it is, obviously. Anyone who gives it two seconds of thought would agree.

In fact, a recent study out of the UK demonstrated that there’s little evidence to show that minors who were given puberty blockers were able to live better lives as a result of being administered these experimental drugs. The whole point, according to the Leftists, of these drugs is to provide mental health relief for minors with so-called gender dysphoria.

But the studies prove that there’s not even evidence to suggest puberty blocking drugs even accomplish that. Worse, there’s plenty of people who say that these drugs ruined their lives and their future.

In the United States, several conservative states have been leading the charge to protect children against this obviously dangerous ideology being peddled by the radical Left. Bills are being created in states like Idaho, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Dakota, Florida, and more, to protect children from being subjected to anything that sniffs of gender-change “treatment” for minors.

In Idaho, back in 2023, the state legislature passed a bill that would make it illegal for any doctors in the state to give minors any such “hormone therapies” or any “gender change” operations. Again, common sense, yeah?

Well not to the radical so-called “progressives.” After this bill was signed into law by Governor Brad Little, it was challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who said that it is “harmful” for families with “transgender” children.

But in a major 7-2 Supreme Court decision, the Justices on the High Court bench backed the Idaho law to ban any and all gender change “treatments” for minors in the state and have allowed the state to start enforcing the law.

On Monday, the Supreme Court granted Idaho permission to enforce a new state law that prohibits various types of gender-affirming care for minors, at least temporarily. This decision overturned a lower court ruling that had halted Idaho’s enforcement of the law, except for protecting two anonymous teenagers involved in a lawsuit against it.

The implications of this ruling for transgender minors seeking similar treatments but not involved in the lawsuit remain uncertain. They may opt to join the ongoing lawsuit or initiate their own legal challenges.

Three liberal justices dissented from the Supreme Court’s decision, while the conservative justices, excluding Chief Justice John Roberts, either authored or supported opinions elucidating their stances.

The law, signed by Republican Governor Brad Little in April 2023, aimed to prohibit healthcare professionals from administering gender-affirming care, such as transition surgeries, puberty blockers, or hormone therapy, to individuals under 18.

Violating the law could result in up to 10 years of imprisonment for doctors. While the Supreme Court’s decision does not definitively determine the legality of such bans, it could influence similar legal disputes in other states that have enacted comparable measures.

In their opinions, the justices primarily debated whether individual judges possess the authority to block the broad enforcement of a law, especially when only a few plaintiffs challenge it. Despite dedicating 34 pages to this issue, the Court did not reach a majority decision.

During oral arguments, Justice Neil Gorsuch expressed skepticism regarding sweeping injunctions, a sentiment he reiterated in leading discussions on Monday’s decision.

This ruling from the Supreme Court Justices is not necessarily the end of the litigation of this case, but it’s a major blow to the ACLU and the Left’s war on conservatives trying to protect children from experimental drugs that may produce irreversible harm.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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