Top Biden official explodes in anger after being exposed in this incriminating report

The White House if far from squeaky clean. But they thought their dirty laundry would go unnoticed.

And now a top Biden official exploded in anger after being exposed in this incriminating report.

Not too long ago, many Americans celebrated differing opinions.

It’s the cornerstone to our right to free speech enshrined in our First Amendment to the Constitution.

Unfortunately, those days are long in the past. Now you must uniformly accept the orthodoxy of the day without so much as a whimper.

And if you don’t, the federal government will do everything to shut you up.

One Christian college is finding that out the hard way.

After Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona threatened to close Grand Canyon University (GCU), the largest Christian university in the United States, GCU officials responded, telling Fox News Digital that the crackdown came from “deeply held bias.”

On April 10, Cardona spoke at a House Appropriations Committee hearing on cracking down on GCU and other similar campuses.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., questioned Cardona about the administration’s efforts to shut down GCU, which she described as “a predatory for-profit school.”

Cardona openly supported their enforcement techniques, claiming, “We are cracking down not only to shut them down, but to send a message that they should not prey on students.”

“Last year, your Department took action against Grand Canyon University, a predatory for-profit college, over the school’s failure to accurately disclose its cost to students, driving up the true cost for those students requiring for them to pay for continuation courses before they would graduate – scam courses added about $10,000 or more to the cost of education to these kids,” DeLauro said.

GCU has challenged a $37.7 million punishment imposed by the government in November on claims that the Arizona-based higher education institution misled students about the expense of its PhD programs over multiple years.

The fine is far higher than what the Department of Education has imposed on colleges such as Penn State ($2.4 million) and Michigan State ($4.5 million) for failing to address Jerry Sandusky and Larry Nassar’s offenses, respectively.

In an October press statement, the department stated that an investigation by the Federal Student Aid (FSA) office revealed that GCU “lied” to over 7,500 former and present students about the expense of its doctoral programs. The announcement also stated that GCU “falsely advertises” a reduced cost for its PhD programs, with around 98% of students paying more than the advertised cost.

The university was given a 20-day deadline to request a hearing with the ED’s Office of Hearings and Appeals, or to respond to the FSA explaining why the fine should not be enforced. The Department also imposed specific requirements for the school to continue participating in federal student aid programs.

A GCU spokeswoman said that they do not expect a hearing until January.

“Our next recourse after that decision would be another appeal within the Department, this time directly to the Secretary of Education,” a spokesperson for GCU stated.

In response to Cardona’s remark about closing down universities like GCU, a GCU spokesperson stated that “officials continue to make derogatory and inflammatory public statements that are legally and factually incorrect and not shared by any of the other 26 regulatory and accrediting bodies that oversee GCU.”

“The Secretary’s comments to the House Appropriations Committee were so reckless that GCU is demanding an immediate retraction, as they do not reflect the factual record in this case. He is either confused, misinformed or does not understand the actions taken by his own agency,” the spokesperson added.

Cardona’s statements came shortly after the American Principles Project (APP) announced a petition to “protect Christian colleges.”

The online petition was created in “light of the Biden administration’s unprecedented attacks on our nation’s largest Christian colleges” and is asking that “the administration halt their crusade and let students choose the schools that fit their values.”

But GCU and other Christian colleges shouldn’t hold their breath for relief under this administration.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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