Trump smacked Obama with a sobering reality check he never saw coming

Barack Obama refuses to leave the national spotlight. But now Don has a few choice words for him.

And Trump smacked Obama with a sobering reality check he never saw coming.

The Left likes to pay a lot of lip service to being the caring and empathetic ones.

Usually it’s just to cater to the specific identity groups that are in vogue for the day.

Meanwhile, regular Americans who faithfully fulfill their duties at work are left to rot.

And even dying in the line of duty is not a good enough reason to bother Democrats.

Now Trump is calling them out.

During an exclusive interview with Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, former President Trump attacked President Biden, claiming he missed a “very sad moment” by attending a fundraiser in the Big Apple rather than mourning dead New York police officer Jonathan Diller.

“They missed a very sad moment for our country, but it’s a moment that they have to be a part of, whether they like it or not,” Trump was quoted as saying.

“They can’t skip this moment. I’ve never seen so many police. I’ve never seen so many firemen, a lot of firemen. They view it… in a very similar way, and I understand that. But they’re going to have to get involved a little bit because this country is going to h*ll.”

“Our country is not respected anymore,” he continued. “I say it in my rallies, in my speeches. We’re a nation in decline… Totally fixable, but we have to do it fast.”

Biden was in town for a Democratic fundraising event on Thursday, while Trump attended a wake for New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller at a funeral home in Massapequa Park, Long Island, about 40 miles from Manhattan.

Biden attended a glamorous Democratic fundraiser event at Radio Music Hall, which was attended by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as A-list celebrities such as Lizzo and Stephen Colbert, the host of CBS’ The Late Show and an avid Democratic Party supporter.

“I think that politically he can’t support the police,” Trump said. “I think he’s also making a mistake, but I think politically… his base won’t let him support the police and I support the police. I would say at the highest level of any president by far, maybe double or triple, and they knew that. That’s why when I walked into that funeral parlor it was… like love.”

“They want to shy away from it,” he continued. “They didn’t even call the family. They could have called… I’m not sure they’d take his call.”

Diller was fatally shot on Monday during a traffic check in Queens by a guy with 21 prior offenses, who allegedly shot him in the stomach as Diller attempted to convince the suspect, Guy Rivera, 34, to exit the vehicle.

Rivera opened fire on Diller and his partner at 5:45 p.m. on Monday. The cops approached the vehicle due to it being illegally parked at a bus stop.

Diller, 31, lived in Massapequa Park with his wife and nearly one-year-old son, Fox News Digital previously reported. He had been with the NYPD for three years until his death.

“Stephanie is incredible, and they wanted me to be there, and I wanted to be there,” Trump said.

“What a family, the Diller family, and they lost a hero, really. I mean, just a hero. They’re devastated. The family is devastated. The police force is devastated. The whole country feels this way.”

“It’s happening more and more, and it’s really a lack of respect for law and order,” he said. “And we have to have law and order back in our country, and we’re going to because this can’t happen. This was a brutal murder.”

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