What CNN just confessed they want to do to Trump is utterly sickening

Big media outlets have been unhinged for years. But CNN is the worst of them all.

Because what CNN just confessed they want to do to President Trump will leave you sick to your stomach.

CNN has a long history of being utterly obsessed with Donald Trump, specifically with painting him to be a fascist, a reincarnation of Hitler, and basically a cousin to satan himself.

They spent years bringing the worst propaganda to their viewers and, frankly, it worked in many ways. The CNN viewing base bought into how much they absolutely hated Trump because of the things CNN and the other Fake News Media outlets said about him.

But when Donald Trump left office in January of 2021, CNN had a major problem. They had no more boogeyman. That meant they would be bleeding voters fast, and that’s exactly what happened to the network.

CNN’s profits projections were adjusted to be below $1 billion for the first time in decades back in 2022, and they continue to struggle with viewership from the most important demographics for ratings.

They tried to give the network a makeover by letting go of longtime personalities and employees, but it seems they never quite learned their lesson because the network is still full of radicals who suffer from extreme cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome. A prime example is in a panel the network put together to discuss the ongoing Trump legal cases.

During a CNN panel discussion on Friday, the topic under scrutiny was the potential repercussions of incarcerating former President Donald Trump for allegedly breaching the gag order in his New York criminal trial.

Prosecutors have leveled accusations against Trump for violating a heightened gag order imposed by New York Judge Juan Merchan on April 1. This was prompted by a series of posts on Truth Social, with jail time looming as a possible consequence. One guest on CNN This Morning advocated for Trump spending time behind bars.

Host Jim Acosta referenced a conversation with former prosecutor Joey Jackson, who suggested that Trump might benefit from a stint in a holding cell to adjust his demeanor after making a post on Truth Social that allegedly violated the gag order. Elliot Williams, a former federal prosecutor, weighed in, highlighting the necessity for the judge to adhere to due process under New York state law. He emphasized the distinction between civil contempt, aimed at improving future behavior, and criminal contempt, which necessitates a more rigorous legal process.

“I was talking to former prosecutor Joey Jackson yesterday and he said, you know, after that Truth Social post where he was quoting Jesse Watters, and he’s sort of insinuating that people are lying their way into the jury, which prosecutors say that that violates a gag order,” CNN’s Jim Acosta first asked of their guest.

“Absolutely,” the former federal prosecutor quickly responded, giving no thought to the question before answering. “The problem is that it’s not clear how much authority that the judge has to just do that. The judge, at a minimum, has to have a hearing under New York state law. It’s not the judge being weak or feckless or afraid of Donald Trump. The law says that there’s a process that he has to follow. And now the question is, is it civil contempt where you’re trying to compel him to behave better in the future, is it criminal contempt where you’re locking him up for things he’s done in the past, which is much harder and almost, in effect, requires a separate trial,” Williams added.

A hearing scheduled for Monday will determine whether Trump breached the gag order and if the judge should hold him in contempt, as per Axios. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has urged the judge to hold Trump in contempt and consider jail time.

Williams questioned the delay in scheduling the hearing, suggesting it should have been convened sooner to underscore the gravity of the situation and the imperative to cease such conduct.

Acosta raised concerns about the potential impact on Trump’s supporters, noting that his mug shot could galvanize them. He queried the implications of Trump’s potential incarceration.

CNN senior political analyst Mark Preston acknowledged the complexity of the situation, acknowledging the potential for civil unrest and political fallout. Interestingly, he suggested that while holding Trump accountable is important, doing so could exacerbate tensions and polarization, which may not be conducive to national unity.

This is a prime example of how utterly insane some Trump haters can be because of their total disdain for the man. There’s no precedence for literally putting Donald Trump in jail because of the comments he’s made on his Truth Social account.

The radical Left just wants to have Donald Trump behind bars at all costs. They believe that will be what they need to discredit him enough when it comes to voters casting their ballots this November in the presidential election. That’s what this has always been about from the beginning. CNN is just admitting it out loud.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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