Border Patrol just blew up Joe Biden’s secret scheme at the border

We all know the border is a complete mess. But the Left is finally saying the quiet part out loud.

And Border Patrol just blew up Joe Biden’s secret scheme at the border.

It doesn’t take a genius to look at the images coming out of the southern border and know something is wrong.

Millions of illegals, including tens of thousands of Chinese and Russians and hundreds of terrorists have poured over the border in Biden’s few years in office.

As much as Democrats pretend they want to solve the issue, they never seem to do anything unless Republicans guarantee a path to citizenship.

And Biden, who says he’s powerless, knows that as president, he could announce a state of emergency and shut down all ports of entry and mobilize the National Guard.

But he hasn’t. Why is that?

Could it be they want more illegal aliens in the U.S. so they can give a broad amnesty that increases their voter rolls? That thought has long been in the back of the minds of conservatives.

Now there is proof.

Accusations that Resource Center Matamoros was urging noncitizens to vote grew stronger after online uploads showed Spanish-language brochures instructing migrants to vote illegally for Biden once they arrived in the United States.

The flyers included the organization’s logo, but it was unclear who made or put them out. Videos showed them on the interior walls of temporary toilets at the center’s shelter near Mexico’s border with Texas.

Resource Center Matamoros founder Gaby Zavala told The Associated Press the organization doesn’t know who made the flyers and said her group “does not encourage immigrants to register to vote or cast ballots in the U.S.”

The origins of the flyers remained unknown on Wednesday. They had spelling and punctuation problems, as well as what seemed to be exact paragraphs from the organization’s English-language website converted into Spanish using online translation software.

Unconfirmed reports about them have spread online this week and were brought up during a congressional hearing on Tuesday, when House Republicans questioned Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Images and videos of the flyers at the Matamoros center went viral online when the Heritage Foundation’s oversight arm posted them on the social media platform X on Monday evening.

The conservative think group published an image of one of the flyers, which was tagged as coming from Zavala and had both the Resource Center Matamoros emblem and another logo in Spanish that stated “all with Biden.”

It also published a video showing many flyers placed inside portable toilets where refugees could view them.

The material looked to be a paragraph from Resource Center Matamoros’ English-language website, with the first two phrases repeated verbatim but translated to Spanish. The brochure had two sentences that do not appear on the group’s website, urging that migrants should vote for Biden.

“This flyer obviously seeks to prey on unsophisticated illegals and encourages them to illegally vote,” the Heritage Foundation commented on one of its social media posts.

Heritage also released a short audio clip of Zavala speaking with an unnamed male. After the male states he is attempting to help as many people as possible before Trump, the expected Republican presidential nominee, is re-elected, Zavala can be heard responding, “Believe me, we’re in the same boat.” The nine-second discussion made no additional mention of voting or elections.

Zavala declined to answer specific questions about the interaction, telling the AP that her organization does not sponsor political campaigns for or against candidates. She stated that such behavior would fall “outside the scope of our mission.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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