Governor tells Joe Biden to step aside and shut up by signing this critical law

The White House is just sitting around on their hands while the border crisis worsens. But the nation is fed up.

And now a state governor has told Joe Biden to step aside and shut up as he signs a critical law to protect the country.

Illegal immigration is, in many ways, only getting worse for the United States. It’s not just the southern border, either. Even the northern border is experiencing a dramatic uptick in illegal immigration numbers, according to the latest Border Patrol reports being released every month.

Recent Gallup surveys have demonstrated that Americans believe illegal immigration is one of the most important issues, if not the most important issue that is facing the nation over the coming years. Even traditionally “Democrat” voters, like blue collar union members in the north east, are sick of the do-nothing attitude of the Biden administration.

Some Governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida (R) and Greg Abbott of Texas (R) are trying to take matters into their own hands to protect their own American citizens in their states. But Joe Biden and his federal government goons are desperate to stop them from being able to accomplish anything with lawsuit after lawsuit. But the wind is behind the sails of conservative legislators and governors who want to implement common sense anti-illegal immigration policies.

Now Oklahoma has joined in on the pact of red states who are vowing to curb illegal immigration at all costs.

Oklahoma’s Republican governor has endorsed a comprehensive immigration enforcement bill, making the state the latest to address the border situation through legislative measures.

Governor Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 4156 into law, just a week after it passed through the Republican-controlled legislature. This law, slated to become effective on July 1, prohibits residing in Oklahoma without legal authorization in the U.S.

According to the legislation, first-time offenders will face misdemeanor charges, punishable by a maximum of one year in jail or a $500 fine. Repeat offenses would be considered felonies, with penalties of up to two years in jail or fines of $1,000. Additionally, all violators must leave Oklahoma within 72 hours of release from custody.

Stitt emphasized the necessity of the law, attributing its need to what he perceives as the Biden administration’s failure to ensure basic safety. He stated, “We cannot afford to remain passive as threats to our safety increase due to the Biden administration’s failure to provide even minimal protection. It is our duty to safeguard our communities.”

Responding to concerns about targeting the Hispanic community, Stitt clarified that Oklahoma does not operate as a “stop and identify” state.

“We cannot sit idle as threats to our safety are on the rise due to the Biden administration’s complete failure to offer even minimal protections. We have an obligation to keep our communities safe,” Mr. Stitt said in an official press statement.

This move aligns Oklahoma with other Republican-led states addressing immigration enforcement, a domain traditionally reserved for the federal government. Many of these states, including Texas, Florida, Iowa, and Tennessee, have recently enacted similar measures or signed bills into law.

Beyond legislation, numerous Republican-led states have dispatched their National Guard troops to the southern border in solidarity with Texas. Since 2021, at least 14 states, including Florida, Arkansas, and Ohio, have contributed troops to assist Texas’ Operation Lone Star, initiated by Governor Abbott to tackle the border crisis.

These actions come amid a sustained surge in border encounters, with over six million incidents reported at the southern border since President Biden assumed office.

As for the Biden administration, voters have been largely underwhelmed by the efforts being suggested by high-ranking White House officials. The best they’ve been able to muster thus far is just vowing to process asylum seekers and their claims more quickly. Yeah, that’s not much at all.

Even a ton of deep blue state Democrats are being forced to sharply criticize Joe Biden for sitting around twiddling his thumbs while illegal immigration impacts almost every region of the entire nation. If Mr. Biden doesn’t take this seriously, he may very well become a one term president who is not viewed well ten years from now.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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