Joe Biden is furious after the truth of his open borders policy was revealed

President Joe Biden is in dereliction of duty. His immigration policies are harming millions.

But now Joe Biden is livid after he was hit with this reality check about his open borders policy.

Department of Homeland Security data shows that of the illegal aliens apprehended and released last year under the Border Patrol’s “parole” authority, less than one percent have been deported or have independently fled the U.S.

A rush of 2,572 migrants occurred just before Title 42, the government’s pandemic emergency program, was formally ended. They have been a problem for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the past nine months.

More than 350 migrants remain unapprehended by ICE despite a judge’s orders; last year, the agency admitted in court records that it had lost contact with over 30 of them.

For the larger 3 million undocumented immigrants apprehended and freed by the Biden administration in the previous three years, the migrants provide a crucial case study, according to Andrew “Art” Arthur, a retired immigration judge and ICE lawyer.

“This completely undermines Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas’ contention that there are any actual consequences for illegally entering the United States or that those consequences will be delivered in weeks, not years,” he expressed. “What this control group proves is that DHS isn’t delivering any consequences.”

Last spring, Border Patrol implemented a temporary program to expedite the catch-and-release process in anticipation of a surge of illegal immigrants as the Title 42 border expulsion policy came to a close. These migrants were a part of that program.

They opted to “parole” the migrants, giving them 90 days to report to ICE and receive their court summonses, since officials were afraid they wouldn’t have enough time to process and issue them all.

The program was dubbed Parole+ATD since it was designed to monitor the migrants’ compliance with their release conditions while they were on substitutes to detention.

Despite the program’s injunction by Florida U.S. District Judge T. Kent Wetherell II, 2,572 migrants were paroled by the government following the ruling. Judge Wetherell had the option of finding the government in contempt, but instead decided to mandate thorough reporting on the migrants. This decision provided the nation with a unique window into the challenges faced by the Biden administration.

Despite the fact that all migrants were supposed to check in within 90 days, 360 of them didn’t. In the majority of cases, ICE did not issue a summons to the individuals who did.

According to ICE, 32 migrants still haven’t completed the first check-in, which is six months later. Among the 351 individuals who have reported, ICE has yet to send immigration court summonses. As a result, they are not yet formally subject to deportation procedures.

According to ICE, out of 2,572 migrants, only 11 have been deported or fled independently, a practice they call “self-removal.”

There is one immigrant currently in ICE custody.

ICE stated that it does not comment on subjects that are subject to litigation, thus it chose not to address questions on its performance or offer more specifics.

Approximately three million undocumented immigrants have been apprehended and freed by President Biden, of which 2,572 are just a small sampling.

The scientific community refers to this as the control group. While speaking with Mr. Arthur, who is now affiliated with the Center for Immigration Studies, he emphasized that this subset is far more manageable due to its small size, strong selection criteria, and dominant knowledge and attention. “If they can’t get this one right, if they can’t do any better than this, there is no hope for this ‘policy’ to the degree that it has any hope of actually controlling illegal immigration.”

He further implied that the migrant crisis provides more evidence that the bipartisan Senate border security agreement, which fell apart earlier this month, was not as effective as advertised.

The measure codified catch-and-release for families as a means to reduce illegal crossings; under this program, families would be released from alternatives to jail with the stipulation that they would return for an initial asylum screening within 90 days. The bill also granted the president expanded expulsion powers.

The Parole+ATD program is comparable to that system.

The proper use of parole is confined to situations when there is an immediate humanitarian need or a substantial public benefit that would warrant the release of an unauthorized immigrant. According to Judge Wetherell’s ruling, the Biden administration’s categorical parole program was an overreaction in an effort to alleviate the workload of Homeland Security.

Theoretically, the migrants should be submitting asylum applications while they are in the country. At least 16 out of 2,572 have done so, according to ICE’s court petition. As of January, those figures are up-to-date. The February report with the court by ICE was a complete mess; all 2,572 entries were halved, rendering the data unintelligible.

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