Texas sends Joe Biden packing with this utterly massive court win

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking the president head on. He’s tired of the games.

And now Texas has sent Joe Biden packing with an utterly massive court win on immigration.

On Saturday, a federal appeals court lifted a stay imposed by a lower court on a Texas statute that allows local law enforcement to apprehend undocumented migrants.

As the Department of Justice’s case against Texas continues, U.S. District Court Judge David Alan Ezra delayed the implementation of SB 4 by Texas last week. In the absence of a Supreme Court intervention, the legislation is set to take effect on March 9 thanks to a temporary stay given over the weekend by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Texas has the constitutional right to defend itself because of President Biden’s ongoing failure to fulfill his duty,” Republican Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott said last week. “We will not back down in our fight to protect Texas. This case will ultimately be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

According to Ezra’s recent ruling, the state’s statute “threatens the fundamental notion that the United States must regulate immigration with one voice.”

Judge Ezra was originally appointed by President Ronald Reagan.

“If allowed to proceed, SB 4 could open the door to each state passing its own version of immigration laws,” he wrote. “The effect would moot the uniform regulation of immigration throughout the country and force the federal government to navigate a patchwork of inconsistent regulations.”

In January, the attorney general’s office sued the state of Texas over a statute. In December, in reaction to unprecedented volumes of unlawful crossings, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed bill SB 4 into law.

If the law is ultimately upheld, then Texas officials will have the authority to legally prosecute and convict illegal immigrants for crossing into the United States into Texas territory.

The Biden administration has been going after the Greg Abbott administration in Texas in particular because Governor Greg Abbott has been exposing the truth about the Biden admin’s dereliction of duty.

The illegal immigration crisis at the southern border with Mexico is unavoidable and it’s a well known reality at this point.

Texas being the largest border state in the south has to do something to protect its citizens if Joe Biden and the Democrats just continue to insist on doing absolutely nothing to address the border crisis.

SB 4 was just one measure to do so. Texas also tried to put buoys in place in the Rio Grande river to help deter individuals from illegally crossing the river to enter the United States.

The buoys didn’t just serve as a deterrence either. The Rio Grande river is extremely dangerous to cross and so the large buoys also offered something for people to hold on to so they wouldn’t drown.

What did the Biden administration do? They told Texas officials that they had to remove the buoy barriers because there were an endangered species of mussels where they had placed the floating barrier.

You would think that trying to save lives and prevent the worsening illegal immigration issue would be more important than mussels, but not to Biden and the Democrats apparently.

All the evidence proves how the Biden administration doesn’t want Greg Abbott and company to do anything that might make the Democrats look bad. They care more about optics than the lives of Americans. That’s sad.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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