Supreme Court Justices cave to the most insane radical Leftist demand ever

The Democrats and the Left want total domination. They want every American institution under their control.

And now Supreme Court Justices have caved to the radical Left’s most insane demand yet.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Republicans losing all of their backbone once they get what they want with political power.

It’s a tale as old as time in American politics. Donald Trump started to make that change after showing Republicans all over the country that they can and should be defending their conservative constituency tooth and nail.

Though, unfortunately, RINOs aren’t quite a dying breed. Exhibit A is the Ohio Supreme Court bench where Republicans out-weigh the Democrats four to three. It’s important to remember that on the Ohio Supreme Court bench, it’s not like the U.S. Supreme Court bench in that the Ohio bench is literally made up of Republicans and Democrats.

In Ohio, the Justices have terms and are elected as Republicans and Democrats or any other party member. This makes for a much more political state Supreme Court than you may find in some other states throughout the nation.

There may be pros and cons of that, but simply put, the Republican Justices on that bench are expected to defend conservative values that these Republicans supposedly believe in at their core.

So then someone please explain why the Ohio State Supreme Court conspired with radical LGBT activists to hold a conference that included a (propaganda) training on the “LGBT community” and how they are oh so oppressed?

The conference, named the Ohio Associated of Magistrates Fall 2023 Conference, was supposed to help keep judicial officials in the state of Ohio up-to-speed on important societal matters that the judicial branch of society may need to be involved in should cases come up that pertain to those matters.

There are real training sessions that seem beneficial, according to the latest flyers from 2023. Some of those include “Case Law and Legislative Updates,” “Gun Violence in Ohio,” “Juvenile Civil Protection Orders,” and “Understanding Victim-Abuse Dynamics.”

All of those sound like straight forward and helpful sessions for judicial officials to stay informed. But there’s one that sticks out like a sore thumb. That’s the one titled “LGBTQ+ Issues for Children.”

During a session at this conference, radical Leftist activists lectured (propagandized) Ohio state judicial officials on how they need to get on board with the latest insanity being pushed onto American society from the LGBTQ “community.”

The lecture included sections that made extremely disturbing and wild claims, such as the idea that children at the age of four years old already have a good idea of what “gender identity” is and what their identity is.

“By age four: Most children have a stable sense of their gender identity,” a slide during the “training” claimed.

Now, can someone point out a single four-year-old who can give a legitimate definition of what “gender identity” is without first being propagandized by the Left? Of course not.

Yes, kids learn the difference between boys and girls from a young age naturally. Surprisingly, that’s more than some of these pink-haired radicals on the Left can say about themselves because they can’t even define what a woman is.

So if they can’t define what a woman is, how can they claim that four-year-olds have a “stable sense of gender identity”?

Isn’t Leftist gender identity politics all about not having a “stable” sense of gender identity? Isn’t that the “gender fluid” ideas they keep trying to push on to society? Funny how they contradict themselves like that.

Okay so then what does this have to do with the Ohio Supreme Court? Well a court official confirmed with members of the media that the court helped get this event set up to begin with.

Why didn’t the Republicans stand up and speak out against this obvious attempt to propagandize the judicial system? Lord knows, but it’s getting tiresome seeing no one stand up for what’s right.

The longer the conservative movement just rolls over and fails to push back on the small encroachments of society made by the radical Left, the worse undoing all this nonsense will be.

If you read this article and are triggered by any of it, send us an essay on how hurt your feelings are at

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