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The Biden administration is hellbent on ensuring free speech is suppressed if it doesn’t fit their narrative. But they aren’t getting away under the radar this time.

And Joe Biden is catching hell after Elon Musk uncovered his assault on the First Amendment.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have spent the past few years gradually demonizing their political opponents.

It’s gotten so bad that now Democrat politicians and their pals in the legacy media openly call conservatives “white supremacists,” “fascists,” and “threats to democracy.”

Gone are the days when people with differing political opinions can hash it out on the debate stage with the best man winning.

With Democrats, they know their ideas are indefensible, so they have to label anyone who disagrees with their radical plans for the nation as a monster to silence them.

When they can’t intimidate people into silence, they simply ban them from speaking at all.

One of the biggest cases of censorship came in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election when the FBI along with Big Tech giants like Twitter silenced the New York Post’s bombshell story on the Hunter Biden laptop.

Thanks to collusion between the social media industry and the FBI, the New York Post was banned from Twitter and their story was marked as misinformation.

But after Elon Musk took over Twitter in a massive $44 billion deal, all of the details could come bubbling to the surface.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, said on Monday that confidential business data on “free speech suppression” could be released soon.

“The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened …” Musk posted in a tweet late Monday afternoon.

The complete tale of Twitter’s censoring of The Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop in the weeks before the 2020 presidential election is expected to be part of the prospective revelation.

The billionaire earlier posted his conviction that Twitter should explain how the explosive reporting about the first family’s offshore business interests was prevented from being shared on the platform.

“Raise your hand if you think @ElonMusk should make public all internal discussions about the decision to censor the @NYPost’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election in the interest of transparency,” a user tweeted earlier this month.

Twitter’s new CEO quickly responded: “This is necessary to restore public trust.”

Before Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter, he remarked in April that it was “obviously incredibly inappropriate” for the platform to restrict The Post story about President Joe Biden’s son, who was running for the highest office in the land against former President Donald Trump.

While other mainstream media publications originally ignored or attempted to downplay The Post’s findings, outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and CBS News have confirmed the laptop’s authenticity since Biden’s inauguration in January 2021.

Musk has pledged to make Twitter a haven for free expression.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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