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The concerns for the president aren’t going away. Certainly not after this news.

As Joe Biden’s latest flatlining has scared the entire Washington, D.C. political class.

There is no getting around the fact that Joe Biden’s campaign for president is hanging on by a thread. He’s effectively been dealt a death blow that he’s seriously struggling to recover from since the presidential debate. All his public appearances since then have not helped him either. For all intents and purposes, Joe Biden’s career has flatlined and is showing no pulse.

This is all the more evidenced by all the reports that are coming out showing how Democrat strongholds are being weakened and may even fall into the hands of Donald Trump instead when the dust settles from the 2024 election cycle.

CNN Panel Warns of Narrowing Path for Biden in Upcoming Election

A panel discussion on CNN last Thursday highlighted concerns over President Joe Biden’s prospects in the upcoming election against former President Donald Trump. Analysts pointed to recent shifts in electoral projections that suggest an increasingly challenging path for Biden.

The Cook Political Report adjusted its projections on Tuesday, reclassifying Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada from “toss-up” states to “lean Republican.” Additionally, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Nebraska’s second district shifted from “likely Democrat” to “lean Democrat.” This reclassification indicates a tightening race in several key states.

On The Lead With Jake Tapper, CNN political director David Chalian and host Jake Tapper discussed the implications of these changes for Biden’s strategy. Chalian expressed concerns that Biden’s plan, which relies heavily on winning Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nebraska’s second district, might be compromised following his lackluster debate performance.

“They do acknowledge that polling has taken a hit, but they also say that they still see a path to 270 and that path runs through — the best path they say — through Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania,” Tapper said. “I might observe, that’s their only path. Like Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia were arguably gone before the debate.”

Chalian noted that while there is still time before the election, the Biden campaign had already been viewing Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia as leaning away from them even before the debate. “Quite frankly, as you know, Jake, if you sit down with Biden campaign officials prior to the debate, they would say their path to 270 is through Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and the second congressional district in Nebraska,” he said. The early debate was intended to energize the public about the race and create a strong contrast with Trump. However, Chalian observed, “The public has been awakened to this contest, I don’t think in the way that the Biden campaign wanted.”

Following the debate, Chalian remarked that Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have become even more challenging for Biden, making their already narrow path to victory less probable. Tapper clarified that while the campaign sees these states as their best path to victory, he believes it is currently their only path.

Adding to the discussion, CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten suggested that Trump could potentially compete in traditionally Democratic strongholds as well as crucial swing states. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some post-debate polling that actually has Joe Biden behind in Virginia,” Enten said. “Who would have ever thought we’d see that? But the fact is when we’re looking at these states, New York, Virginia, Minnesota, New Hampshire—states that Joe Biden easily carried last time around—now, all of a sudden, the Donald Trump campaign thinks that they can put into play and you know what, based upon this data pre-debate, I believe they absolutely can.”

Joe Biden Flatlines, But Stays in?

Most Americans thought that Joe Biden would have dropped out by now. He’s a historically bad candidate and all the experts agree that his paths forward for a win are narrowing by the day. But why hasn’t he dropped out by now? Not only that, but why are he and his allies sinking their teeth in and defying all logic to keep his campaign going?

The answer lies with the political class. The Joe Biden allies and their connections with the political class in Washington, D.C. are terrified of losing their power if Joe Biden steps aside. He’s the establishment head who can be turned whenever they want him to be. Other Democrats, even Kamala Harris herself, may not be as easily controlled as Joe Biden has been for years now.

What we’re seeing is the Democrat establishment waging a war on their own voters to try and save face. It’s very 1984-esque. Here you have the most powerful Democrat establishment controllers very clearly trying to tell the American people that there’s no story here. There’s nothing to discuss about Joe Biden and that he’s totally fine.

Why is the media changing their tune? They are fully in the anti-Donald Trump camp. This is the same CNN that has spent eight years treating Donald Trump like he’s the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler himself. Jake Tapper is infamous for constantly making unfair connections between Hitler and Trump.

The media is waging a war against the side of the Democrat Party clutching their pearls. As for Donald Trump, he wants nothing more than to let this chaos continue and let Joe Biden be the guy he runs against come November.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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