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When Donald Trump left the White House in January 2021, he did something unprecedented. Americans had no idea for two years.

And now what Donald Trump did after leaving the White House has finally been revealed.

Recently, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy shared a touching story about Donald Trump that displays a compassionate and kind side of the very outspoken former president that is rarely discussed.

McCarthy discussed how Donald Trump once quietly showed generosity to a Gold-Star family visiting Washington, D.C. after Trump’s administration had left the White House already, during his appearance on Donald Trump Jr.’s podcast.

During Joe Biden’s failed retreat from Afghanistan in August 2021, a suicide bomber at the Kabul airport killed 11 Marines, one American soldier, and one Navy corpsman. The House Speaker stated that one of the victims’ family members was in Washington, D.C. after the catastrophe.

McCarthy claimed that the Gold-Star family had booked into Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel while they were present in his office. McCarthy claimed that after their visit, he called the former president to inform him that the family had specifically sought out Trump’s hotel when traveling to Washington, D.C.

Trump, however, didn’t casually accept the accolade and carry on with his life, in contrast to how Biden has treated Gold-Star families.

McCarthy outlined what Trump did for the family.

“[Trump] gets on the phone with me and this is what he says: ‘I’m going to go call the manager. You tell them I’m picking up their tab.’ He didn’t want anybody to know. He didn’t put it on Truth. He didn’t put out a tweet. He told me privately, and he pays for it. And that’s the thing nobody sees about him,” McCarthy said.

Twitter users flocked to the platform to applaud Trump for his unassuming act of compassion.

Regardless of your opinion of Donald Trump as a person, you can’t deny that his numerous acts of modest kindnesses, like this one, are noteworthy since so few people in his position ever show such courtesy. And Trump frequently acts in this manner. There are many anecdotes like this, often recounted by others.

For instance, only last week, he contacted Rochelle “Silk” Richardson and informed her that he was covering the costs of Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway’s burial, a fact that Trump never once made known to the public.

In fact, it wasn’t until Richardson informed everyone about Trump’s kindness that we all learned about it.

Richardson commended Trump for paying for the celebration of life ceremony and any burial preparations she thought would be best for her beloved sister throughout the event. Trump not only strongly promoted the ceremony for his friend on his Truth Social platform.

These acts of kindness have been demonstrated by Trump for years. Before Trump was even elected president of the United States, The Daily Mail, for example, covered one of these stories back in 2016.

Then there was the former Trump campaign employee who received an invitation to the 2017 Inauguration Day party because the president had read a story about the man’s financial difficulties and wanted to assist, according to a report at the time by CBS News. At the event, Trump surprised Shane Bouvet, a volunteer for his campaign, by giving him a check for $10,000 to help him out. It was a tale that Donald Trump never shared with anyone, and it was only revealed when Bouvet informed the media of all that happened.

Stories like this have surrounded Donald Trump for years, long before his days on TV and in politics, despite the fact that Democrats frequently dehumanize their opponents, especially Trump.

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