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The Democrats have a surprise coming in August. It’ll be at the Democrat convention.

Because Joe Biden is to have his campaign pulled at the last minute according to this stunning new report.

Democratic Party insiders are growing worried that anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in August may damage President Joe Biden’s campaign’s reputation, according to Monday’s Jewish Insider article.

Some high-profile Democrats are even growing concerned that it would be enough to force Joe Biden to step aside.

Over the last few months, protesters have often interrupted Joe Biden’s speeches and campaign events due to his vocal endorsement of Israel’s conflict with Hamas in the Middle East. One of Biden’s major campaign events and the probable Democratic presidential nomination may be ruined if such an unmanageable disturbance were to happen at the DNC convention in Chicago, as some Democrats are fearing could happen on a far greater scale (as reported by the Insider).

According to Ken Baer, a speechwriter for multiple DNC conventions in the past, it would be the story of the century if thousands of people in Chicago were to march down the street at 4 o’clock on the day that Biden was supposed to receive the nomination, shouting ‘No genocide, bloody Joe,’ and carrying keffiyehs.

“Not only is that the story, it’s that every single reporter is like, ‘Is this going to be 1968 all over again?’ That’s in the back of their mind. We’re in Chicago,” Ken Baer added.

As reported by CNN, the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention was engulfed in many large-scale anti-war riots. Protesters numbering in the thousands battled brutally with law enforcement, the National Guard, and the Army outside the conference center for many days, capturing the attention of the country and the media.

The Insider reports that the Democratic National Convention in August might see a recurrence of the 1968 demonstrations because it is being held in the same location with the background of an ongoing Israel-Hamas war that has fractured the Democrat base.

According to a representative from the Democratic National Committee, the “top priority” for the organizers in the months preceding the convention is to coordinate with law authorities and make security plans.

The Insider claims that DNC gatherings are frequently quite choreographed and controlled. Many members of Biden’s staff will arrive early to set up the president’s stage, including lighting, banners, and television appearance equipment, as part of their preparations for the convention and to ensure that the campaign activities go successfully.

“You’re not allowed to bring in a sign to a convention. If you are in the hall, everything is controlled. Everything is part of the performance,” Baer informed the Insider.

However, the Insider claims that no amount of regulation will be able to stop protestors from showing up at events and causing chaos. The possibility that some demonstrators are high-ranking Democratic officials who disagree with Biden on the Israel-Hamas conflict adds fuel to the fire.

“What makes this difficult is there’s going to be a lot of credentialed, probably even relatively high-up people who will have access to sort of exclusive areas of the convention,” said a source who worked on prior Democratic campaigns and told the Insider. “They might protest, but it’s not like you can just keep out, like, a vice chair of [a state] Democratic Party.”

A December survey by the New York Times found that just over three quarters of young adults (those between the ages of 18 and 29), who tend to lean Democratic, were unhappy with Biden’s response to the Hamas and Gaza crises. Nearly 38% of Biden’s 2020 election supporters had a similar sentiment. Since Israel launched its counteroffensive in October, countless anti-Israel demonstrations have taken place on university campuses around the U.S.

Protesters opposed to Israel and Palestine have interrupted Joe Biden many times in January during his public speeches and appearances. In response to Biden’s stance on Israel, some members of his campaign and administration have even quit.

No doubt, if Joe Biden was forced to step aside to bring peace to a chaotic situation like the Democrat convention in 1968, there’s likely only one person the Democrat Party will turn to.

That’s Michelle Obama.

Sure, none of this may happen at all. But there’s dozens of reports from different Democrat insiders who are signaling smoke here.

Many times where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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