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Ron DeSantis’s landslide victory in Florida was a bright spot for conservatives this past election cycle. Everyone’s wondering what’s next for the Florida Governor.

But this one picture of Ron DeSantis is causing utter chaos.

While both political parties had their wins and losses this November during the midterms, there was only one standout victory.

And it came from the corner of conservative Republicans.

That is, of course, Ron DeSantis winning reelection for Florida’s governor by a whopping 20 points over his Democrat opponent Charlie Crist.

To put that into perspective, winning the governor’s mansion in Florida by 20 points hasn’t been done by either party since the late 1970s.

And hasn’t been done by a Republican ever.

It was a truly historic victory for Ron DeSantis that exceeded even his expectations.

It’s led many left to wonder if he has his eyes set on the White House for 2024.

Famous conservative author and personality, Michael Savage, seems to believe that’s what’s on the horizon.

Savage took to Twitter to share a picture of Ron DeSantis and his wife, calling DeSantis the future of the Republican Party.

Michael Savage and many other popular conservative personalities like Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire all seem to think DeSantis is the real way forward for the GOP.

Savage and Shapiro have both noted that the poor candidate quality of the likes of Dr. Oz handed over critical victories to the Democrats that they never should’ve won.

They claim DeSantis on the other hand doesn’t have that problem.

And it’s not hard to see why.

DeSantis won a majority of the Hispanic vote in Florida, which is simply unheard of for a modern Republican running for Governor in the Peach State.

Simply put, DeSantis’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.

That could be exactly what the GOP needs to counteract the growing radicalism of the Democrat Party today.

It seems almost impossible for Biden or any other Democrat to beat DeSantis in 2024.

And with DeSantis leading a national ballot, it could drive voters in the direction of the Republican Party.

It all comes down to candidate quality. But DeSantis probably has the highest candidate quality of any major politician today.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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