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The White House is in utter disarray. The Biden admin has no idea what to do next.

Because Joe Biden’s top advisor completely sold him out with a stunning confession on Fox News.

The spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, placed the responsibility on Hamas for the termination of the interim ceasefire deal with Israel on Sunday.

While appearing on Fox News Sunday, Kirby informed host Shannon Bream that the U.S. maintains the belief that eight or nine Americans are now being held captive in Gaza by Hamas. Among them is a lady whose health and location are uncertain.

“We just don’t have perfect visibility,” Kirby explained. “We’re at this literally by the hour, and we want to get that cease-fire put back in place so that, again, more hostages can come out.”

“Hamas is the reason that the pause ended, because they refused to put on the list additional women and children that we know that they are holding and they’re refusing to let go,” added Kirby.

The exchange of Palestinians held by Israel for the release of 240 Israeli and foreign prisoners was made possible by a brief ceasefire that ended on Friday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the Israel Defense Force to seize control of Gaza from Hamas, and the country’s negotiators have been summoned home.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), an outspoken “progressive”, recently said, “What we are witnessing is the gross violation of human rights in Gaza and that is being done with U.S. military assistance.” Bream confronted Kirby with these and other statements from Democratic lawmakers regarding military aid to Israel.

“What’s being done with U.S. military and security assistance is helping our friend and partner, Israel, go after a truly genocidal threat, a threat posed by Hamas,” Kirby replied.

Despite the fact that Hamas militants are allegedly hiding behind civilians in important infrastructure and safe zones, Kirby acknowledged the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and said that the Israeli military have proven “receptive” to U.S. messages, changing the way they’ve conducted certain operations to avoid harming innocent civilians.

Even still, according to Kirby, “too many” civilians have been dead or injured and one million people are currently displaced in Gaza.

Kirby restated the conversation that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had with Israeli officials during his visit, in which the necessity to “reform” and “revitalize” the Palestinian Authority was discussed, with the goal of satisfying the “aspirations and the needs of the Palestinian people.” According to Netanyahu, once the fight concludes, Israel has no intention of occupying or controlling Gaza.

Kirby refuted claims that the United States was setting “red lines” on aid and asserted that Israel is a sovereign nation.

The Israeli military’s attack moved to the lower half of the region on Sunday, where they believe Hamas leaders are hiding. Following intense shelling, they ordered further evacuations within and around Khan Younis, one of the largest cities in the region of Gaza.

The Pentagon said that on Sunday, a U.S. warship and several commercial ships were attacked in the Red Sea, heightening fears of a larger clash.

Kirby’s admission on Fox News that the end of the ceasefire was on the part of Hamas, according to White House intel, puts the Biden administration at odds with a growing radical part of the Democrat Party that views this war as solely a genocide campaign on the part of Israel.

Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are drumming up support for the Palestinians in the area while doing little to condemn the Hamas regime that continues to wage war on Israel.

This has led to a rift between Democrats. Their signals are crossed and even their base is divided on this issue.

That’s a major problem for Joe Biden and the Democrats heading into a huge election year in 2024. Total control of the legislature and the executive branch is up for grabs in November.

This issue, which continues to be a major attention grabber for voters all over the country, is one that Democrats are unable to get any sort of unity on. Sure, Republicans are not totally united on this issue either.

But there’s a much larger wing of the radical Left’s voting base that does not want to hear any support for Israel whatsoever. With the White House clearly taking the side of Israel in their defensive effort to eliminate the Hamas terrorists, they risk seriously fracturing their voting base.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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