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The White House is trying to keep Americans in the dark about Biden. It’s not looking good.

And here’s how bad Joe Biden’s health truly is right now.

Most Americans know full well that Joe Biden does not exactly have great mental health right now, especially as the President of the United States.

His presidency has been riddled with very significant gaffes, one after another. He almost can’t get through a speech or interview without saying something that just truly doesn’t make sense.

That’s why the he’s given just 54 interviews to the press in his first two years in the Oval Office.

For comparison, Donald Trump gave 202 interviews in his first two years and Obama gave 275.

His mental health might be even worse than you think, based on what the Democrat Party just announced.

The Democrat National Committee has decided to officially forego having any debates during the Democrat primaries for President.

There’s a very obvious reason for the DNC allegedly “not planning” on having any debates ahead of the Democrat primaries.

That reason is Joe Biden and Joe Biden alone.

There is absolutely no way Joe Biden could perform well enough in a debate to instill any degree of confidence for voters to decide to give him another shot over someone else.

The DNC is desperately trying to keep Joe Biden away from anyone who could make him look so bad that it would be impossible for him to win another election.

Even Leftists have been putting the DNC on blast for the awful decision to “not plan” any debates.

But this spells bad news for the 2024 general election season as well.

The odds are that the Democrats will not want Joe Biden to debate the Republican candidate come October 2024.

Whether it’s Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or Nikki Haley, Joe Biden would simply not be able to hold his own at all. He will be flat out embarrassed.

So the DNC making this decision during the primary season simply tells everyone that he likely won’t be participating in any debates at all.

And we all know there’s only one reason for that: Joe Biden’s mental health.

He’s not fit for office and being exposed badly in a debate could very well be the last straw for voters who are tired of Washington, D.C. career politicians.

The DNC knows it and they are admitting Biden is not in good shape.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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