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Hunter Biden thought he could get off easy with his sweetheart plea deal. But he may have another thing coming.

Because these new Hunter Biden photos have him dead to rights.

Images from Hunter Biden’s laptop have revealed shocking behavior that indicates how truly reckless Hunter Biden has been behind the wheel while under the influence.

On August 1, 2018, photos taken by Hunter Biden on his way to see some Las Vegas prostitutes were published by the U.K. Daily Mail.

He was photographed while traveling at 172 mph was Hunter Biden.

The laptop also contained a snapshot from June 12, 2018, showing the driver holding a burnt crack pipe while traveling at 35 miles per hour in Arlington, Virginia.

In his 2021 autobiography, “Beautiful Things,” Hunter Biden discussed his experiences with reckless driving and sex with prostitutes.

According to Fox News, Republican senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are questioning the motivations behind a 2020 FBI briefing that said spreading the word about the laptop was aiding and abetting Russian disinformation in light of the latest discovery from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Grassley has expressed concern that the FBI may have mishandled evidence gathered during the Hunter Biden investigation.

“The more we learn about what the FBI was up to in the summer of 2020, the more questions we have about what was done with information related to the investigation,” he stated.

A “clear effort to discredit our oversight,” he called the briefing.

“Was there a broader effort by federal law enforcement to improperly silence or sideline anything critical of the Biden family in the run-up to the 2020 election?”

“The timeline that is emerging does not paint a picture of an apolitical FBI, and the bureau has a duty to explain itself, which it has so far failed to do.”

According to Johnson, the obstruction put in place to investigate charges against the Biden family is intertwined with the consequences of foreign policy reverberations from the Biden family’s network of businesses.

“As troubling as Biden family corruption is—and the extent to which it comprises American foreign policy—there is a much larger story of corruption to be uncovered,” he continued.

“The unequal application of justice and the complicity of federal law enforcement is a true threat to our democracy.”

To paraphrase what he said: “Because the partisan corruption spans Democrat and Republican administrations, one has to wonder, ‘How is it being orchestrated and sustained?'”

According to Gary Shapley’s deposition transcript, the FBI alerted the IRS in December 2019 that the laptop could contain evidence of tax offenses. Recent plea negotiations between the government and Hunter Biden resulted in a sentence of probation for tax evasion.

According to Shapley, “in November of 2019, the FBI verified its authenticity by matching the device number against Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud ID.”

According to this timetable, the laptop was authenticated months before claims that its contents were Russian disinformation were debunked.

All the while, the Democrats have been using the “Russian disinformation” lie to protect the Biden’s and ultimately the Democrats’ attempts to control the political narrative so they could install Joe Biden into the White House.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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