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President Biden doesn’t have much trust right now. Particularly not in his duties as commander-in-chief.

And now Joe Biden was given terrible news about U.S. military troops from the Situation Room.

On Friday, after an American airstrike killed a terrorist militia commander in Baghdad, Iraq’s prime minister reportedly threatened to withdraw all Iraqi forces from a coalition led by the United States in its fight against the Islamic State.

According to Reuters, the office of Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani announced that the Iraqi government will form a committee to finalize plans to withdraw support from the U.S.-led multinational coalition known as Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve. This coalition has been instrumental in advising and assisting local forces in their long-term fight against ISIS. In response to the U.S. killing of a militia commander on Thursday, Al-Sudani expressed his anger. The commander was linked to an unnamed non-state organization that had supported the prime minister’s campaign for office.

The Prime Minister’s office announced the establishment of a bilateral commission to permanently remove foreign coalition forces from Iraq, as mentioned in a statement.

Members of the U.S.-led coalition will sit on the committee, according to the announcement.

Reporters have said that Iraqi factions with ties to Iran have asked Sudan to pull out of the deal that has allowed coalition soldiers to operate in the country.

Deadly rocket attacks on the headquarters of the proscribed terrorist group Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, linked to Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Force (PMF), have reportedly killed four people, including a regional military officer and a military assistant.

Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder stated that “U.S. forces took necessary and proportionate action” against a militia commander known as Abu-Taqwa. His statement said, “Abu Takwa was actively involved in planning and carrying out attacks against American personnel.” He went on to say that no innocent people were hurt and no infrastructure or facilities were impacted.

According to Ryder, the commander was linked to a slew of rocket and drone strikes against coalition and U.S. outposts in Iraq during the last few months.

Sudani stated, “We stress our firm position in ending the existence of the international coalition after the justifications for its existence have ended,” as reported by Reuters.

Reported to The Washington Post, Al-Sudani had already accused the United States of murdering one Iraqi serviceman and wounding eighteen others, including civilians, and had claimed that the strike violated Iraqi sovereignty.

“The Iraqi armed forces hold the international coalition forces responsible for this unjustified attack on an Iraqi security entity,” stated the military spokesperson for the prime minister.

According to news accounts, Al-Sudani won the most recent election with the help of the PMF, over which he has minimal influence.

The United States continues its goal to destroy the Islamic State with a deployment of more than 2,500 soldiers in Iraq and an extra 900 in Syria.

According to a statement released by U.S. Central Command on Friday morning, Iraqi security forces found an Iranian cruise missile near Babylon on Wednesday; however, it did not manage to fire.

“The use of Iranian supplied munitions by terrorist groups within Iraq and Syria endanger Coalition forces and local residents. The Coalition is appreciative of the efforts of the legitimate security forces in Iraq for their efforts to prevent future attacks,” CENTCOM explained.

This news represents a further deterioration of trust that Joe Biden has as a commander-in-chief of the United States.

Not only are Americans skeptical about Joe Biden’s military “leadership,” but now foreign leaders are seemingly growing more and more discontent with the Biden administration’s foreign policy as well.

The question for the Biden administration is if they can honestly try to peddle the idea that the United States is safer today than it was before Mr. Biden assumed office in January of 2021. The resounding answer to that question, in the eyes of many Americans at this time, is simply no.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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