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The radical Left has used Big Media against their political opponents for years. But Ron DeSantis has had enough.

Because Ron DeSantis is preparing to shutdown CNN for good with one stunning move.

Conservatives have become all too familiar with the gross pattern that if you are defending conservative principles and putting America first, it’s only a matter of time before Leftist media outlets start putting hits out on you.

There’s no more clear example than when Donald Trump announced his 2016 presidential campaign running on conservative ideas and promoting policies that help Americans of all backgrounds first.

The media would spend his entire term in office slandering him and lying to the American people about what he was doing as the President of the United States.

CNN was the worst offender, as political hacks like Don Lemon would spend hours on their shows talking about how much of a “fascist” Donald Trump is. Their throwing around the fascism accusation truly made the word lose all meaning.

Then CNN lost their punching bag when Donald Trump left office in January 2021 and their ratings suffered for it.

Ron DeSantis started to rise to fame in 2019 shortly after he became the Governor of Florida, and CNN thought they had their new target that would bring back the viewers who tuned in for the daily rants about how much they disdain Trump.

And while CNN has certainly tried to make DeSantis their new boogeyman, it has not brought back viewers as their viewership and profits are sinking fast.

Ron DeSantis has also had enough of the slanderous games that CNN and other Leftist Big Media outlets play.

Reports indicate that DeSantis is considering legislation for Florida that would allow citizens to more easily sue media outlets for defamation of character.

Newsmax reports:

During a Tuesday roundtable discussion in Hialeah Gardens, DeSantis was joined by defamation victim Nicholas Sandmann, a former Covington Catholic student, several libel case attorneys, and journalist Michael C. Moynihan.

The Republican governor stressed while speaking to the six panelists that any potential legislation in the future would not be for his own benefit, but for the dozens of private citizens who are victims of inaccurate reporting.

DeSantis said that while he can take what the radical Leftists dish on the airwaves, the everyday citizens deserve to be protected from the character assassination on display every day from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and ABC.

“They come after me — and they do do a lot of slander — but I fight back. I have a platform to fight back. … I got thick skin,” DeSantis commented.

“But you have some of these other folks who are just run-of-the-mill citizens. Their only possible way of recourse would be to be able to bring an action,” the Republican Governor added.

DeSantis told viewers of the roundtable discussion to “stay tuned” for updates on what steps the government of Florida might take on this issue of defamation to defend Floridians.

This certainly has to have CNN nervous as all get out.

CNN doesn’t just attack high-profile politicians like Trump, DeSantis, or Ted Cruz. They will ruthlessly go after anyone who will get them ratings.

Just consider how CNN, ABC, and MSNBC grossly attacked Nick Sandmann and committed character assassination of Sandmann while he was yet a minor in 2019.

They labeled him as the “face” of “white nationalism” even though the facts of the situation indicated he was a peaceful attendee of the March for Life, a major pro-life event held every year.

If outlets like CNN don’t cut out their antics, Ron DeSantis is going to make sure they never see the end of the court room.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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