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Republican Rep. Jim Jordan has long been one of the Left’s top enemies. That’s because he’s unafraid to speak the truth.

And now Jim Jordan has completely eviscerated a Biden official with just one sentence that you have to read.

Joe Biden’s pro-illegal immigration policies are a disaster.

The southern border is completely chaotic, despite what the corporate-controlled media is telling you.

There is no end in sight to the thousands of illegal immigrants who breach the border every day.

Many Democrats have dismissed the border crisis as a Republican talking point for years, but now that the situation is so dire, even many Democrats are forced to acknowledge this serious problem.

Jim Jordan, a congressman from Ohio, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about this awakening among some of his Democratic colleagues.

Jordan claimed on Fox News’ Fox News @ Night that “I think they intentionally created this situation when they got rid of all the good policies that were put in by the Trump administration. I think it’s been intentional the whole way because you can’t have the record numbers we’ve had, and it not be intentional.”

“You can’t have a Secretary of Homeland Security come before Congress and tell us that the border is secure,” he continued.

“And now you have this situation that we’ve seen now that you guys have reported better than anyone day in and day out,” he said as he came to a close. I therefore don’t know what is happening. There is no doubt that Title 42 has reached its conclusion. What then is the cause of this? I’m not sure.

Even some Democrats are starting to see through the bullshit that Joe Biden and his Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, are trying to sell Congress and the American people, as Jim Jordan notes.

These two are obviously much more interested in playing politics than safeguarding the American people.

In actuality, Alejandro Mayorkas may rank among the worst secretaries of the Department of Homeland Security in history.

According to Jim Jordan’s observations, Mayorkas has entirely failed to do his job.

As a result, the United States of America has become a lot more dangerous country as a result of his ineffective leadership.

As soon as the House reconvenes, House Republicans need to prioritize looking into Mayorkas and the rest of the Biden Administration.

There should be no reason any administration ignores the southern border to any degree that the Biden admin has.

It’s a dereliction of duty, and the Democrats in the executive branch need to be held accountable for their actions.

Ideally, individuals like Mayorkas will face criminal consequences for their actions that put Americans at risk.

But either way, it doesn’t seem like the Democrats have a very good outlook for holding onto power in 2024 and beyond.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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