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Fetterman’s mind has never been the same since his stroke. But this goes too far.

And John Fetterman attacked a voter in one shocking video.

A man posing as Democrat Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman threw out an activist who approached the senator in a Pittsburgh tavern.

During a Sunday event at Shorty’s Pins x Pints, former Pittsburgh Law adjunct professor Dan Kovalik approached Fetterman and asked why he does not support a cease-fire in Israel despite the country’s fight with the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

Since the conflict against Hamas began on October 7, Fetterman has been a prominent defender of Israel.

“I just took on [Fetterman]⁩ for his failure to support a ceasefire for [Gaza] and was assaulted,” Kovalik posted on X with the video. “Come see the violence inherent in the system.”

The footage shows Kovalik approaching Fetterman at the event and assaulting him while wearing a keffiyeh.

“Can I ask you something? Can I ask you something?” Kovalik asked Fetterman in the video posted Sunday night.

“Why don’t you support the humanitarian cease-fire?”

One of Fetterman’s employees intervened, informing Kovalik that he was the person the professor could “talk to” about his concerns.

“No, I can talk to [him], I voted for him!” Kovalik yelled back. “I’m sorry, this is a democracy.”

“It absolutely is,” Fetterman’s staffer responded.

“Yeah, but kind of, sort of,” Kovalik replied, returning his attention to Fetterman. “10,000 people in Gaza have been killed, half are children. The pope is calling for a cease-fire. The U.N. has called for it.”

“I’m just asking you. You’re a good guy, I voted for you, I know you’re a nice guy,” Kovalik continued, pulling out what appeared to be a flyer.

Kovalik was then escorted out of the event by a person dressed as Fetterman for Halloween and forced outside in front of a swarm of police officers.

The former Pittsburgh Law professor shouted, “I asked the senator a question,” as he was pushed out the front door.

According to Fetterman’s office, the owner of the institution was the one who removed Kovalik and is not a member of the senator’s official or campaign staff.

According to the Pennsylvania Democrat’s office, the senator supports civil engagement with his people, including exchanges he had at the Sunday event with voters who agreed and disagreed with Fetterman’s viewpoint.

Shorty’s Pins x Pints did not reply to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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