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America is getting more dangerous by the day. And now Republicans are in the crosshairs.

And a Trump official was just gunned down in a heinous crime at the U.S. capital.

An accomplished Republican professional who served as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) chief operating officer during the Donald Trump administration was among those shot in a vicious carjacking spree in Washington, D.C., on Monday night, which ended with the perpetrator being killed by police in Maryland early Tuesday morning.

Mike Gill is in critical condition in a hospital after being wounded while picking up his wife, an education lawyer, at 5:45 p.m. on K Street in downtown Washington, DC.

“We can confirm that Mike Gill was the victim of the shooting at the 900 block of K Street Northwest on Monday evening and is in critical condition. Out of respect for the family, we have nothing additional to add at this time,” Erica Richardson, a spokesperson for the Gill family, said in a statement to The Daily Wire.

Following Gill’s shooting, the same individual is suspected of carrying out at least two carjackings and one attempted carjacking, one of which resulted in the victim’s death, according to The New York Post.

According to police, the criminal entered the parked vehicle and shot the victim before leaving on foot. The victim, Gill, collapsed outside the vehicle. According to The New York Post, he contacted his wife to say, “Hey, I’m downstairs,” and when she got on the bottom floor, he had been shot, prompting the wife to rush out and exclaim, “Oh my God, that’s my husband.”

Witness Yolanda Douglas told The New York Post that the wife “ran toward her husband and grabbed his hand. ‘What happened?’ she asked, but he did not respond.”

Douglas “saw the victim, in a dress shirt and sweater, sprawled on the pavement with one foot still in the passenger’s side of a car. His right hand was twitching as blood pooled around his head,” The New York Post said.

An hour later, the suspect attempted unsuccessfully to carjack another vehicle on Third Street NE before fatally shooting and seizing the victim’s car.

According to authorities, someone on K Street knew the perpetrator and helped them identify him. The automobile he stole was discovered in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where he carjacked a Toyota before ordering a rideshare and hijacking that vehicle.

Around 2:30 a.m., a person suspected of carjacking shot at a Maryland State Police cruiser on D.C. 295 while driving by.

The Nissan was later discovered abandoned in Prince George’s County, and as cops were inspecting it, a guy approached them with a pistol and was shot by police, according to The New York Post.

In 2016, the District of Columbia named Gill to the city’s Board of Elections as its Republican representative. He served three terms, ending in July 2020. Prior to a confirmation hearing, the City Council emphasized Gill’s political accomplishments.

He was the CFTC’s chief operations officer from January 2017 to July 2019. He previously served as former CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo’s chief of staff and Chief Regulatory Reform Officer, overseeing an agency-wide regulatory review.

He previously worked as a lawyer at Crowell & Moring and as the vice president of a trade group. In the 1990s, he served as deputy director for the Bush-Quayle presidential campaign, as well as a Republican senator and congressman. He had a top secret security clearance.

The D.C. Council emphasized his empathy for others and bipartisan cooperation. He formerly served as executive director of the Ripon Education Fund, a nonpartisan group that promotes cooperation between the United States and Europe. He was a crucial figure in how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac handled mortgages.

“During Mr. Gill’s tenure, the agency concluded its first ever Collective Bargaining Agreement with its union; instituted a new pay and performance system with the goal of addressing gender and other inequities in pay; and instituted a diversity-focused internship program,” the D.C. Council said at the time. Gill is currently vice president at the Housing Policy Council.

Carjackings in D.C. more than doubled in 2023, reaching nearly 1,000. An FBI agent was carjacked, a Democrat congressman was carjacked outside his apartment, and many congressional staffers were beaten during the crime spree in Washington, D.C.

Three people attempted to carjack a Secret Service van carrying President Joe Biden’s granddaughter.

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