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Corruption runs rampant in all levels of government. But this politician’s days are over.

And an impeachment vote sent shockwaves throughout this battleground state.

The Swamp is alive and well. Despite President Trump’s best efforts, the corruption that has grown in our government is just too great to be rid of in one term.

Politicians who are treated differently thanks to a two-tiered justice system often feel as though they’re untouchable.

But once they start getting too comfortable is right when they are made an example of.

And one Texas politician found that out the hard way.

Following an inquiry into charges of corruption, the Texas House of Representatives took the unusual step of impeaching Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday.

Paxton was temporarily suspended from his post following the 121-23 vote, in which two members voted present, as he now awaits a Senate trial.

Paxton faced a total of 20 articles of impeachment.

According to the articles, Paxton violated the state’s whistleblower statute, entered “into a settlement agreement with the whistleblowers that provides for payment of the settlement from public funds,” violated the Securities Act, and engaged in additional activities.

Paxton is only the “third state official in Texas history to be impeached,” according to Axios, after a former governor in 1917 and a judge in 1975.

Following the impeachment, Paxton tweeted that the process was “illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust.”

On Tuesday, it was disclosed that the state House Committee on General Investigating was looking into Paxton’s suspected use of $3.3 million in public funds to settle a 2020 lawsuit.

The committee has subpoenaed Paxton’s office for records as part of its inquiry.

Four former attorneys general’s office employees filed the lawsuit in 2020, alleging retaliation for accusing Paxton of corruption.

Because the state legislature declined to finance the settlement, the lawsuit is still pending in court.

Despite all of these allegations, it’s possible that Paxton will be let off without so much as a slap on the wrist.

To be removed, at least two-thirds of the 31 seat Texas Senate would need to vote in favor of the motion.

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