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The U.S. House of Representatives appears to be going to GOP control after the midterms. This has Chuck Schumer in the Senate sweating it knowing that he doesn’t have a Democrat House chamber to rely on anymore.

But Chuck Schumer uttered one sentence that has major consequences for the future of America.

The Democrats and the Fake News Media have been parading around after the midterm elections claiming it was somehow a win for the Democrats.

While it was certainly a disappointment for Republicans and conservatives, at best it was a significant net loss for the Democrats.

They lost the U.S. House and might end up with the same 50-50 split in the Senate chamber.

Meaning Republicans will have gained a ton more control in Washington, D.C. than before without any majorities to speak of.

House Republicans have already made clear their intentions to hold Joe Biden and the White House accountable.

Major conservative bastions like Jim Jordan (R-OH) are promising to keep investigating to greater depths the crimes of the Biden family.

And Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has made it clear that he intends to stop the White House’s big government spending in its tracks.

And now it seems like the Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Republicans in the House are already prepared for war.

Janet Yellen, the Biden administration’s Treasury Secretary has been fearful of the idea that a GOP-controlled House could cut the White House’s insane spending spree.

That’s why she’s been begging Democrats to get something done before the new Congress comes into power in January.

And apparently, that’s exactly what Chuck Schumer wants as well.

On the topic of the debt ceiling, Schumer told ABC News “the debt ceiling, of course, is something that we have to deal with. And it’s something that we will look at over the next few weeks.”

That sounds an awful lot like Democrats are worried sick that a GOP-controlled House won’t approve of the Democrats running of the debt on the taxpayer dime.

The Democrats’ actions have already had severe consequences for the American economy.

Inflation has run rampant and has shown little signs of slowing down no matter what the Biden executive branch does.

Most of that can be attributed to the fact that the White House is spending hundreds of billions like there’s no tomorrow and the federal reserve keeps printing money like hotcakes.

Democrats ramming another government spending spree through Congress will only make matters worse for the American economy.

But all signs point to that being exactly what the Democrats are planning.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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