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Former President Barack Obama is not done yet. He has his eyes on the White House.

And now Barack Obama is celebrating this big 2024 election announcement.

Automatic voter registration was recently implemented in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, earning plaudits from former President Barack Obama and criticism from conservatives ahead of the 2024 election.

Those applying for a driver’s license or state ID card in Pennsylvania will now be automatically registered to vote. Obama tweeted his hopes that additional states will join them.

However, some conservatives, such as Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, criticized the move, writing to their 2.3 million followers: “Leftist Pennsylvania governor decides to ‘automatically’ register ‘voters’ — a legally-dubious and surefire way to make it easier for ineligible individuals to vote illegally.”

“Breaking: Barack Obama, one of the most corrupt presidents in history, promotes illicit process to further undermine clean elections in Pennsylvania,” Fitton said.

Pennsylvania will become the 24th state in the United States to implement automatic voter registration, as revealed by Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro. Under the new law, citizens who visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain or renew a driver’s license would be automatically registered to vote.

The governor of Pennsylvania has stated, “This is a safe, secure, and streamlined way to be able to get them to register and participate in our democracy.” He estimates that 1.6 million Pennsylvania residents are eligible to vote but are not registered.

“Real freedom involves expanding access to the ballot box for every legal, eligible voter,” Shapiro wrote on X. “That’s why as of today, Pennsylvania is an automatic voter registration state.”

The news was made on Voter Registration Day in the United States.

According to conservative activist Scott Presler, who has 1.4 million X followers, Shapiro’s declaration “signals the democrats are becoming desperate, as they see our Republican weekly gains in voter registration.”

When declaring Tuesday to be National Voter Registration Day, President Biden brought up the January 6 disturbance at the U.S. Capitol.

The White House issued a statement Monday in which President Joe Biden urged citizens to register to vote and “vowed to fight back against state legislation that undermines the will of the American people.”

Critics of “automatic” voter registration say that it violates the constitutional right of Americans to not be registered to vote at all.

It’s more accurate to call it “mandatory” voter registration instead because Americans are being registered when they may just be trying to get something as simple as a driver’s license.

What’s the purpose of mandatory voter registration? Why force people to get registered to vote if they don’t want to?

Well, that’s a good question. We’ll leave it up to your imagination so we don’t get shut down by the Big Tech overlords, but something tells us that the Democrats aren’t looking to make elections more secure.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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