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President Biden has no respect for anyone but himself. He made that crystal clear with how he just acted.

And Joe Biden was caught on tape laughing about the death of two Americans.

Joe Biden has a history of being aggressive and rude to reporters and Americans who ask him questions on the campaign trail.

It shows the president has no regard for anyone or anything if they can’t help him further his grasp on power.

But now Joe Biden has crossed a line.

A Michigan mother whose two kids died as a result of fentanyl overdoses has branded President Biden as “despicable” for laughing off the idea that his administration was to responsible for their deaths.

Rebecca Kiessling, whose sons Caleb, 20, and Kyler, 18, died in July 2020 after consuming fentanyl-laced Percocet tablets, attacked Biden on Wednesday night after he cited her family’s tale to dismiss GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s assertion that he was to blame for the deaths.

“This is how you speak about the death of my sons? Because a congresswoman misspoke? You mock the loss of my sons?” Kiessling remarked in a blistering Facebook video.

On Tuesday, Kiessling spoke before the House Homeland Security Committee about her kids’ deaths, saying Congress that more should be done to curb fentanyl importation.

Greene (R-GA) seized on Kiessling’s testimony, implying that if the Biden administration had secured the border and halted the flow of drugs into the US, the brothers may still be alive.

On Wednesday night, Biden, 80, made fun of Greene, smirking as he told a meeting of House Democrats in Baltimore that the boys died during the Trump administration.

“I’ve read she was very specific recently saying that a mom, a poor mother who lost two kids to fentanyl, that I killed her sons. Well, the interesting thing: That fentanyl they took came during the last administration,” the president said, adding a “heh-heh” as one or two audience members murmured in disapproval of Greene.

Kiessling, enraged, said she was “shocked” by Biden’s reaction and requested an apology from the president.

“How dare you. What is the matter with you? Almost every Democrat on the committee offered condolences, they at least had the decency to do that,” she said in the video. “You can’t even do that? You have to mock my pain?”

While Kiessling admitted that her sons died six months before Biden was elected, she has consistently criticized the government’s handling of the fentanyl issue.

“What about the 22% increase in fentanyl deaths since you became president?” Kiessling inquired.

“That represents tens of thousands of US citizens who died under your watch, an increase in tens of thousands. That represents double that number of the parents who are suffering.

“You’re going to keep laughing? About those who did die under your watch? Do we have to bring them in so you can look them in the eyes and laugh?”

She went on to say that she wanted Biden would show “some serious concern for the lives lost,” and that his actions spoke volumes and “tell you where his heart is.”

Aside from Kiessling’s stinging comments, stunned observers slammed Biden’s tone-deaf retort.

“@POTUS needs to apologize for this immediately. No person, let alone the president of the United States, laughs when speaking about a mother who lost two sons to fentanyl poisoning,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) tweeted.

The official House GOP Twitter account had only one word to say: “DISGUSTING.”

“Biden just laughed while talking about a Mom whose kid was killed with Fentanyl. This is so incredibly inappropriate and vile,” conservative podcaster Robby Starbuck added.

The Republican National Committee’s Jake Schneider also weighed in, tweeting: “Truly the lowest bar possible for Biden — what a disgusting person. Losing children to fentanyl trafficking is never, ever funny. Just vile.”

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