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There’s no shortage of true conspiracies that the CIA has been involved in. And the simple truth is that they haven’t stopped doing so.

But that’s why the CIA is in utter CHAOS over these classified documents going public for all to see.

The intelligence agencies in America were once a little more unashamed and forward with their tactics between the 1920s and 1970s.

Just consider how the FBI quite literally threatened to kill Martin Luther King Jr. and his friends if they wouldn’t stop associating themselves with white women.

Or how Project MKUltra was designed to conduct mind control experiments on Americans with the purpose of studying how to best interrogate people and get information about them. They even went so far as to try to develop a “truth serum” that would force people to tell the truth.

Then there’s the infamous Operation Paperclip where they quite literally took former Nazi scientists and engineers at the end of the Second World War for the U.S. to employ them in our own military and NASA.

There’s a ton of crazy, but true, conspiracies that the CIA were involved in. But one that eludes the American people the most and continues to fascinate the public is certainly if the CIA was involved in the assassination of President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

Today, an investigator is out to prove that the CIA was almost certainly involved one way or another. How and why, you might ask?

The investigator believes that the CIA had involved the JFK suspect Lee Harvey Oswald just a few months before the assassination of President JFK.

JFK expert and investigator Jefferson Morley argues that Lee Harvey Oswald was employed by the CIA for an operation designed to place blame at the feet of Fidel Castro so the U.S. could justify an invasion into Cuba.

This would contradict the claims of the federal government thus far that the CIA and the FBI did not know who Lee Harvey Oswald was until he shot John F. Kennedy.

“This is an extraordinarily serious claim and it has profound implications for the official story,” Mr Morley said at a press conference. “The CIA knew far more about the lone gunmen than they are even admitting today.”

He says documents from a former CIA intel officer – George Joannides – prove that the CIA director, John McCone at the time, blatantly lied about knowing nothing about Lee Harvey Oswald.

“What the CIA is hiding is what they’ve always hidden, which is their sources and methods as they relate to Lee Harvey Oswald,” he noted.

“We’re talking about smoking-gun proof of a CIA operation involving Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Certainly these claims would be shocking if true.

No one thinks lying about the identity of and the federal government’s familiarity with Lee Harvey Oswald is beyond the CIA or the FBI.

But it all comes down to whether it’s true that they knew him and had actually recruited him for a conspiracy against Fidel Castro for invasion.

As Morley notes, the National Archives has until December 15 to declassify the remaining documents surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We may find out more then as journalists parse through the sure to be redacted documents.

Or Joe Biden and the National Archives will choose to be more secretive, which will only make them seem afraid of losing trust from the American public.

You can watch the full press conference from Morely below:

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal for more updates on this story.

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