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Minority Leader Jeffries took Pelosi’s job back in January. And now he’s putting the final nail in the coffin.

And Hakeem Jeffries threw Nancy Pelosi under the bus with one stunning statement.

The Democrat Party of yesteryear is changing nowadays.

Nancy Pelosi had been the Democrat leader in the House of Representatives for 20 years.

But after one of the longest tenures of any leader in Congress, Pelosi was ousted by Hakeem Jeffries and the radical new wing of the Democrat Party.

Now, Jeffries is making sure she knows that her opinion means nothing.

On Sunday, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) backed Kamala Harris when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to declare whether the Vice President is “the best running mate” for President Biden.

On Sunday, during Jeffries’ interview on ABC’s This Week, host Jonathan Karl inquired about Pelosi’s remarks from earlier this week.

“Far be it for me to ever speak for Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi, the greatest speaker of all times,” Jeffries said. “She’s very capable of answering that question on our own.”

“I will say that Vice President Harris has been a great vice president. She’ll be a great running mate. She has been a tremendous partner in the things that President Biden has been able to accomplish, which have been phenomenal,” he said.

According to Jeffries, Harris has been a significant figure in supporting the President’s policy agenda over the previous two years, including “fixing our crumbling infrastructure, clean water in every single community, [and] bringing domestic manufacturing jobs back home to the United States of America.”

“President Biden has led that effort. House Democrats and Senate Democrats have worked with the administration, they got those things done. Vice President Harris has been a tremendous partner,” he said.

Jeffries’ remarks follow Pelosi’s less-than-generous assessment of Harris during an interview with Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, when the CNN host asked if Harris is the best running mate for Biden.

“He thinks so, and that’s what matters,” Pelosi said.

Cooper pressed Pelosi to say whether she also thinks so, leading Pelosi to once again dodge the question and instead say, “I don’t think people give her enough credit,” Pelosi said.

“People don’t understand, she’s politically astute. Why would she be vice president if she were not?”

“She’s the vice president of the United States. So, when people say to me, ‘Well, why isn’t she doing this or that?’ I said, because she’s the vice president,” she said. “That’s the job description. You don’t do that much. You know?”

Harris is under increased scrutiny as Biden bids for reelection, with many Republicans predicting that the 80-year-old President will not serve a second term, perhaps leaving his running partner to rule the country if he wins.

And Jeffries’ support just goes to show how far Pelosi’s influence has fallen.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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