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The Republican Party is infected with politicians who don’t care about real conservatism. They’d rather play ball with Democrats.

And these GOP Senators completely betrayed one America First conservative.

A leaked email from Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s, R-AL, communications director has been used by supporters of a small group of moderate Republicans in the Senate to undermine the conservative senator’s stance against the Pentagon’s policy of promoting abortions in the military.

Tuberville has been using his position on the Senate Armed Services Committee to hold up President Joe Biden’s military nominees for months, demanding that the administration back down and repeal their abortion policy.

The nominees have come under additional scrutiny as a result of the holds, with many of them finding to be supporters of highly contentious far-Left ideas.

“The email, written by Tuberville’s communications director Steven Stafford from his Senate email address, made clear that the Alabama Republican’s staff is worried that at least nine Republicans might join with Democrats to pass a resolution that would allow the Senate to bypass Tuberville’s holds,” POLITICO reported Thursday.

“In my opinion it is imperative for all of the groups to make clear, in some words, that any Republican who votes for this will be primaried,” Stafford wrote in the email to friends at three pro-life organizations.

“In my view, if enough mushy middle Republicans come out in opposition, then this is over. But they only need nine squishes. And they will get there if we don’t act.”

Stafford frequently stated in the email that he was expressing his own viewpoint, not Tuberville’s.

Tuberville later labeled the email a “no-no” and stated that he disagreed with its contents since he did not want his colleagues removed from office.

Stafford also stated that he apologized to his supervisor for sending the email without informing him.

Stafford’s first email was sent late last month. On November 2, an anonymous actor leaked it to POLITICO, the day after Republicans Dan Sullivan of Alaska, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina joined Democrats in criticizing Tuberville’s military holds on the Senate floor.

The move, as reported by The Daily Signal on Wednesday,

was to break a “hold” placed by Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., on more than 300 military promotions to force Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to drop the Pentagon’s abortion policy.

Tuberville and most other Republicans said Austin’s policy is illegal and violates the Hyde Amendment, a decades old measure that prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion.

…Throughout the night, Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, read off numerous Biden nominees for military promotions and made a motion to bring each promotion up for a vote. Tuberville objected to the Senate voting each time.

Mollie Hemingway, a journalist and analyst, claimed before of the Wednesday night showdown that the Republican strategy to turn on Tuberville and aid Democrats in getting the military nominations through, was well organized.

“I’m hearing McConnell deputies and allies, including Lindsay Graham, Joni Ernst, Todd Young, and Dan Sullivan, told colleagues today they’re planning an attack on Tommy Tuberville’s hold on military promotions, modeled after Elizabeth Warren’s attack a few months ago,” Hemingway wrote:

Tuberville has blocked unaccountable, review-free unanimous consent for military promotions — all due to the Pentagon’s completely illegal abortion funding policy. During his hold on this easy approval (that would otherwise occur without even a vote) it’s been discovered that more than 40% of the nominees are beholden to DEI and other left-wing ideology at odds with an effective fighting force. The plan to run interference for Biden admin and its woke Pentagon is reportedly scheduled for 6p tonight.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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