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Vice President Kamala Harris sure does like to rule with an iron fist. She wants everyone to acknowledge her power.

And Kamala Harris just sent a comment to Congress that has everyone rolling their eyes.

Three years after the COVID epidemic started, it is safe to state that COVID and the subsequent government response was one of the darkest periods in American history.

Millions of Americans were instantly ready to give up their liberties in exchange for a minuscule amount of felt protection.

Unfortunately, they predicated this on statements made by Dr. Anthony Fauci that were clearly misleading and unscientific, and we now know that a lot of what he said was inaccurate.

Of course, the radical Left was largely responsible for the delusion that surrounding the COVID pandemic, and three years later, the United States is still being sold this delusion.

Just last week, the US Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Protocol Office informed freshly elected Senators that if they wanted to pose for a photo with Vice President Kamala Harris at their swearing-in ceremony, they would need to take a COVID exam.

More specifically, the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Office said in an email that “The Vice President’s office has requested that we send their standard COVID-19 protocol information to offices participating in the reenactment opportunity in the Old Senate Chamber. Please see their suggested process below. We look forward to welcoming all Senators and their families for the reenactment opportunity on January 3rd.”

This is a perfect illustration of how Democrats will continue to fuel the COVID scare as long as people will allow them.

The majority of Americans have relatively little cause for fear, despite the fact that COVID is still a concern for some.

Additionally, why would Kamala Harris be so anxious if the vaccine she received in 7 doses was so effective?

The truth is that this is primarily about virtue signaling and maintaining appearances, and has little to do with protecting against COVID.

The fact remains that Democrats will continue to exploit COVID as justification for increased governmental control and regulation.

Democrats suggested and then put into effect church closures, business closures, and school closures when COVID first appeared on the scene three years ago before anyone even understood what was happening.

But COVID seemed to mysteriously not be an issue when it came to racial riots, violent protests, and other things of the like.

What an interesting outcome.

Americans must never again allow the government to have such sweeping authority.

Millions of children are badly educated, millions of jobs were lost as a result of the irrational overreactions to COVID, and millions of adults have paranoia and other mental health problems that are directly linked to the shutdowns.

Kamala Harris will eventually have to put aside her feelings and accept that COVID is a reality and no longer poses a serious threat to the general populace.

It’s not like she’s asking anyone to receive an examination for any one of the thousands of other diseases that are much deadlier than COVID, right?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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