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Vice President Kamala Harris is way in over her head. But many politicians are afraid to call her out.

That’s why Kamala Harris was screaming about what this U.S. Senator said about her on Fox News.

Vice President Kamala Harris took a beating from Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy on Monday. Kennedy said the American people have determined Harris is “not capable.”

Kennedy’s scathing evaluation of Harris and President Joe Biden was based on a number of factors, including the current status of the issue at the U.S.-Mexico border, inflation, crime, and the crises in Ukraine and Gaza. According to statistics issued by US Customs and Border Protection, almost 2 million illegal aliens have been apprehended along the US-Mexico border so far in fiscal year 2023.

Watch the clip below:

“Since President Biden and Vice President Harris have been in office about 8.4 million people have come into our country illegally. That’s four Nebraskas,” Kennedy claimed.

“We don’t have the slightest idea who they are. Why is that? Because this administration believes in open borders. Why is that? Because this administration has embraced the neo-socialist woke-wing, loon-wing of the Democratic Party.”

Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden as “border czar” in March 2021, with the mandate to investigate the “root causes” of illegal immigration to the United States. Harris had one border visit and visited with the presidents of both Guatemala and Honduras.

“The American people may be poorer under President Biden, but they’re not stupid,” Kennedy remarked.

He said, “I can read a poll and the American people have concluded that President Biden is old and he needs soup and an early bedtime and they have concluded that Vice President Harris is not capable, that when her IQ gets to 75, she should sell.”

For the first time, polls from Quinnipiac and NBC released after November 14 showed that Biden and Harris were behind former President Donald Trump in the race for reelection in 2024.

“I’m not saying that is fair,” Kennedy continued. The citizens of America have “come to this conclusion,” he remarked.

With everything the world is going through right now, some immigration experts are noting that rising crime isn’t the only thing to worry about with illegal immigration.

The major concern is what will happen if someone with extremely bad intentions makes it into the United States, undetected, planning to wreak havoc with a t*rrorist attack.

Reports suggest that there’s been a dramatic increase in attempts to cross the southern border on the part of those who are on the FBI terrorist watchlist.

NBC reports:

This year U.S. border agents have encountered a “growing number of individuals” on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist trying to enter the country via the southern border, according to the Homeland Threat Assessment released Thursday by the Department of Homeland Security.

As of July, 160 migrants whose identities match those on the Terrorist Screening Dataset had been apprehended by Customs and Border Protection trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border during fiscal year 2023, compared to 100 in fiscal year 2022. Fiscal years end on Sept. 30.

Kennedy is spot on that it may not be “fair” to Kamala Harris that she inherited a unwinnable war on illegal immigration at the southern border considering the Biden regime’s policy is to basically not lift a finger at all.

But that doesn’t mean she’s not also to blame.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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