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President Biden doesn’t have Americans’ best interests at heart. But Ted Cruz is blowing the whistle on something even more sinister.

Because he leveled this violent allegation against Joe Biden.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused President Joe Biden this week for the Iranian-backed terrorist strike in the Middle East over the weekend that killed three U.S. servicemen.

More than 30 soldiers were injured in the incident, U.S. officials said on Sunday, adding that they were confident that it was carried out by “radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.”

Cruz replied to the incident on the most current episode of his Verdict podcast with co-host Ben Ferguson, claiming that Biden’s “national security failures, weakness, and appeasement” led to the attack.

“We’ve talked a lot in this podcast about the 13 servicemen and women murdered in Afghanistan, again, because of Joe Biden’s weakness. And understand, there have been over 170 attacks by Iranian proxies on US troops,” Cruz said.

“Iran is waging war on the administration, on America, on our servicemen and women. And Joe Biden is so utterly weak, he doesn’t do a d*mn thing about it.”

“Not only is he too weak to respond with force, but even worse than that, Biden funded this,” Cruz continued.

“Understand Joe Biden is responsible for flowing roughly $100 billion to the Iranian regime to the Ayatollah, to the mullahs. That is funding these attacks. The October 7th attack on Israel, murdered over 1,200 Israelis was among the worst terror attacks in the history of the United States with the Americans who were murdered. Joe Biden, in a very real sense, funded that as well.”

Cruz pointed out that the Trump administration brought Iran to its knees with severe sanctions that reduced oil exports to a few hundred thousand barrels per day or less.

“And Joe Biden came in he flowed $10 billion to Iran, he floats $6 billion to Iran,” he went on to say.

“And he stopped enforcing the oil sanctions that ended up flowing $80 billion to Iran. Today, Iran is selling 2 million barrels a day of oil. These rockets, these drone attacks that just killed three servicemen and women, Joe Biden, in a very real sense funded them. Because when you send $100 billion to a theocratic lunatic who screams ‘Death to America and Death to Israel’, you know what happens? They actually follow through on that.”

Cruz claimed that Biden’s weakness means that more Americans will be slaughtered because he “will allow Americans to be killed and will not respond.”


Since the attack and Cruz’s comments, Biden has said he has decided how to respond to the deaths of the three American soldiers.

Asked by CNN’s Arlette Saenz whether he has decided how to respond, Biden said, “Yes,” but declined to provide further details.

“I don’t think we need a wider war in the Middle East. That’s not what I’m looking for,” Biden said.

No one “wants” war, but are we going to let our servicemen and women become sitting ducks for terrorists?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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