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After sweeping the entire state of Florida in a historic victory for Republicans, DeSantis is on a high. He wasn’t prepared for what came next.

And Ron DeSantis just got the shock of his life from the last person he ever expected.

Ron DeSantis has become a rockstar in the conservative movement.

When COVID lockdowns were widespread, he kept his head and focused on people’s freedom.

When the Biden administration opened the floodgates at the southern border, he sent illegal immigrants to liberal playgrounds like Martha’s Vineyard.

And after only winning a slim 30,000 vote victory four years ago, DeSantis destroyed his competition this year by a margin of 1.5 million votes.

It’s safe to say that his performance in Florida was the highlight of the midterms for the Republican party.

He won so big that many Republican voters are now practically begging him to run in 2024.

But DeSantis wasn’t prepared for even some on the Left to sing his praises.

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” defended Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) against attacks the governor faced from the media and a Democrat politician who criticized DeSantis on the show’s most recent broadcast.

“The reason why I think DeSantis is so strong is because he can do both things,” Maher said during a panel discussion with Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and CBS News correspondent Robert Costa.

“He can do the performance art that seems to have you so exercised to the base, most of which I don’t really know if it’s that damaging.”

Maher pointed out DeSantis’ landmark legislation protecting minors from teachers who want to sexualize them.

“He picks a fight with Disney,” Maher continued. “Does it really affect anybody? I mean, I read that ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ which is not the name of the law. They called it the Don’t Say Gay law. It could have been called the ‘let’s do things in schools the way we did five years ago’ law. It really could’ve.”

“So what I’m saying is he can do both that — But he yes, he, he knows how to rile up the base. I agree. He’s a politician — but he also can be a normal governor,” Maher said.

He pointed out DeSantis’ ability to never compromise on principles, but come together in the face of things like natural disasters.

“In other words, after the storm, he can stand with President Biden like a normal governor does and work with them and then send some migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. You know, and that’s a very powerful thing to have both those elements.”

“DeSantis should run now and quickly,” Maher added, noting that the momentum he has right now is like no other in the country.

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