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Everyone knows Hunter Biden’s addictions and crimes. But this behavior runs deeper than anyone ever thought.

Because this top Biden official fessed up to a drug problem in one bombshell interview.

Americans have known for years that Hunter Biden was addicted to crack, even daring to drive over 100 MPH on the highway while smoking it.

We’ve gotten used to hearing the first family’s dirty laundry, and many Americans are numb to it.

But when senior Biden admin officials confess to doing drugs, we have a problem.

These people are given enormous amounts of power, and instead of taking it seriously, they just worry about their own desires.

Now they’re even bragging about it on live TV. They laugh without any pushback from journalists.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen shared some chuckles — as well as some concerns — about her dining experience in China with psychedelic mushrooms.

CNN’s Erin Burnett probed Yellen on her experience consuming “magic mushrooms” with a group of individuals earlier this summer at a Beijing restaurant in an interview on Monday.

“The person who had arranged our dinner did the order and there was a delicious mushroom dish. I was not aware that these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties. I learned that later,” Yellen said.

A chuckle Burnett questioned Yellen if she had any dreams or visions while sleeping. Yellen asserted that she did not begin tripping while laughing.

“I read that if the mushrooms are cooked properly, which I’m sure they were at this very good restaurant, that they have no impact,” the secretary said.

“But all of us enjoyed the mushrooms — the restaurant and none of us felt any ill effects from having eaten them.”

On social media, some people reacted with delight and fun — like NPR contributor David Gura, who made an economics joke about how the “effects were transitory” — while others voiced concern or derided the Biden administration official.

“A Biden cabinet member was served hallucinogenic mushrooms in China? Can’t make this stuff up,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said in a post to X.

“Intelligence officers use psychedelics to compromise their targets,” Eric Garland, a self-described geopolitical analyst with nearly 300,000 followers on X, said in a post.

“If they targeted Janet Yellen as part of an operation, diplomatic punishments should be swift and harsh.”

Steve Guest, a conservative commentator, observed, “Joe Biden’s America: The Treasury Secretary gets booked on CNN to talk about shrooming while in China,” while the Republican National Committee’s Jake Schneider quipped, “This is a very serious administration.”

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