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It’s no secret that Joe Biden is struggling. But this time his goose may finally be cooked.

And a major Democrat sunk Biden’s campaign with two simple words.

Hours before voting closed in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, Democratic 2024 presidential contender Rep. Dean Phillips, D-MN, labeled his party “delusional” and President Joe Biden “unelectable”.

“My only regret is that my party just doesn’t want to wake up from this delusion,” Phillips said during a Wednesday morning interview with CNN.

“I have a conviction that Joe Biden is going to lose.”

“Someone had to do it,” Phillips said of his decision to challenge the sitting president. And I’m saddened that there’s this culture of cowardice, silence, and people sitting in line waiting for their turn at a time where we need to meet the moment.”

“I believe [Biden’s] unelectable,” Phillips reiterated. “Polls are showing he’s unelectable. Now I think voters will show that he’s unelectable.”

Later in the conversation, Phillips stated that “the writing is on the wall” and that former President Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. “If Nikki Haley is in this race a few weeks from now I would be really surprised,” he said.

Phillips also stated that he attended his first Trump rally in New Hampshire a few days prior.

“I had an event across the street, I saw the line of people waiting in the cold for hours, and I thought, ‘What the heck,'” he said. “I’m going to be a leader who actually invites people [and] doesn’t condemn them.”

He stated that he encountered “a diverse crowd” of perhaps 50 Trump fans waiting to hear the former president speak. “Every single one of them [was] thoughtful, hospitable, [and] friendly,” Phillips said.

“All of them [were] so frustrated that they feel nobody is listening to them but Donald Trump.”

“My party is completely delusional right now,” Phillips continued. “Somebody had to wake us up and if that’s my job so be it.”

While speaking with the media in New Hampshire, Phillips stated that he is just running “to defeat Donald Trump.”

“Nobody seems to want to do that in the Democratic Party right now, other than me,” he added. “Because Joe Biden can’t … because the data says he can’t.”

Phillips went on to say that “no one in the country right now cares” about the Democratic primary election. People are paying more attention to Trump’s campaign “because he’s listening to them,” he claimed.

“No one’s asking about this stuff,” the congressman emphasized. “I’m just frustrated. I hope you understand why [and] I’m getting tired of it.”

He told reporters that they are “doing [their] jobs” but are “not asking questions that Americans give a s*** about.”

A University of New Hampshire/CNN survey taken a week before the New Hampshire primary showed Phillips trailing Biden by 10% to the president’s 63%. Furthermore, Phillips’ name will show on the state ballot, whereas Biden’s must be written in by voters.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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