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President Biden’s administration is hanging over a fire by a thread. That thread is about to be cut.

Because this shocking Joe Biden news sent the White House into absolute chaos.

When asked about a poll involving President Joe Biden, a White House official was rendered speechless.

“There was a Harvard/Harris poll this month that found that 53% of the public, including a fourth of Democrats, believe Joe Biden was involved with his son in an illegal influence peddling scheme,” the New York Post’s Steven Nelson said during a press conference on Wednesday.

“What do you say to the majority of Americans who believe that the president is himself corrupt?” he questioned.

“Wow,” White House National Security Coordinator John Kirby answered, before appearing to struggle for many seconds to find the words to comment.

“The president has spoken about this,” he continued. And there’s nothing to these claims.”

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, which Nelson mentioned, was conducted on May 17-18.

It polled a total of 2,004 registered voters.

According to Tt, 63% of respondents believe the president’s son, Hunter Biden, participated in influence peddling.

A majority of Democrats, 83% of Republicans, and 65% of independents agreed with this statement.

Meanwhile, just 57% of Democrats believed Hunter Biden was not involved in such a plan, compared to 17% of Republicans and 35% of independents.

Furthermore, 53% of respondents, comprising 25% of Democrats, 79% of Republicans, and 58% of independents, believed Joe Biden engaged in unlawful influence peddling while serving as vice president.

The poll comes after House Republicans published an early summary on their probe into Biden family members’ economic conduct.

Republicans, according to the New York Times, portrayed the transactions as evidence of ‘influence peddling’ by Mr. Biden’s family, particularly his son Hunter Biden, and cited some previously known, if unfavorable, facts of the younger Mr. Biden’s business connections.

John Kirby also didn’t really answer the question from the New York Post reporter at all.

They asked what their take was on the fact that most Americans believe that Joe Biden was involved in influence peddling during his time as Vice President.

The reporter didn’t necessarily accuse Biden of such crimes.

Kirby immediately got defensive, though, and one is left wondering why.

What is the Biden administration hiding?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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