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The Biden administration has been falling apart before our very eyes. Some are wondering if Biden will call it quits any day now.

And now the White House has received a warning that’s causing Washington, D.C. to erupt in chaos.

For months, Democrats have been anxious about the 2022 midterms arriving in November.

Even hardened Democrats know full well that the Joe Biden administration has outright ruined their chances at maintaining control of Congress.

The only question is how much ground they will lose in the House of Representatives and if they will even lose their 50-50 majority in the Senate with Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.

Some say Democrats should expect to lose worse than anyone initially expected.

That’s what Virginia’s most recent Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin seems to think.

Youngkin took to ABC to warn Joe Biden that he will get a “wake-up call” after all is said and done this November.

He also said that he hopes Biden sees that Americans are simply unhappy with his performance so far.

“I think there will be a larger majority in the House than people may have thought a few months ago,” Glenn Youngkin said on ABC.

“I hope that President Biden sees what Americans are going to say to him on Tuesday, which is ‘we’re not happy and we need a different agenda.”

Youngkin noted that the Democrats have outright failed to deliver on their promises of economic recovery coming out of the pandemic as well as secure safety for our communities.

“But what Republican governors have demonstrated is they have led so much better coming out of this pandemic,” Youngkin added.

“Economic recovery, safe communities, delivering in schools,” Youngkin added, saying Republicans have simply been better on those issues.

Youngkin is spot on, of course.

Millions of Americans feel burned by the direction America has been heading in under Joe Biden and the Democrat’s “leadership.”

That’s evident in the fact that Hispanic voters are leaving the Democrat Party in droves previously unseen.

Ron DeSantis is expected to carry a majority of Hispanic voters in his race against Charlie Crist, or at least close to it.

It all just boils down to the fact that Americans are fed up, just like Youngkin noted.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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