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No one is surprised by allegations that Joe Biden and his family are in bed with foreign governments. But it looks like it goes deeper than anyone ever thought.

And all hell broke loose after this Biden administration official was exposed as a foreign agent.

Joe Biden and his pals can’t seem to get away from shady dealings with other countries.

We all know about Biden’s son, Hunter, and his multimillion-dollar deals with firms run in Communist China.

We know Joe Biden even coerced Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor as it was investigating a natural gas firm that his son Hunter was involved with.

The irony of Biden’s moves is found in the fact that Democrats accused former President Trump of doing the same things that they openly admit to doing.

Even Hillary Clinton has Russian agents employed by her 2016 presidential campaign all the while accusing Trump of Russian collusion.

And now another Democrat who was deep in the Biden administration is being outed for their affairs with foreigners.

The White House’s former “disinformation czar” has recently registered as a foreign agent for a nonprofit based in the United Kingdom.

According to registration documents, Nina Jankowicz is now working for “Centre for Information Resilience.”

CIR is a “independent, non-profit social enterprise dedicated to countering disinformation, exposing human rights abuses, and combating online behavior harmful to women and minorities,” according to their website.

Founded by Adam Rutland, a British citizen, and Ross Burley, a dual British-American national, the organization states it conducts research, digital investigations, strategic communications, improving the capacity of local partners, and cooperating with media to “amplify the impact” of its work.

CIR is funded “in part by grants from the U.K. government, including the Foreign Commonwealth, and Development Office.” according to registration paperwork.

According to the documents, Jankowicz’s tasks will include managing research, executing business strategy, supervising the establishment of CIR’s research, connecting with the media, and briefing individuals and officials on the organization’s research.

Jankowicz was selected to head the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board earlier this year, but her tenure was brief.

Critics questioned Jankowicz’s capacity to be objective, citing her previous opinions on social media posts.

In one post she openly cast doubt on The New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election.

Of course, several news outlets have confirmed the Hunter Biden laptop story to be true.

This new development raises many questions about just how much power foreign governments have over the White House and President Biden himself.

Based on what we’re seeing, it’s not looking good.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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