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Democrats are known for their dependence on the billions of dollars from George Soros and his political allies. And Americans are suffering now thanks to him.

Because George Soros just sent President Biden a letter that has scary implications for all of America.

The United States economy never fully recovered from the COVID-19 shutdowns and regulations.

Many Americans can remember the toilet paper and baby formula shortages in the wake of the unprecedented actions by government.

One good has been a pain in America’s wallet for months now.

Gasoline prices have skyrocketed over the past year. Where Trump left office with prices averaged at a little over $2 per gallon, many are happy to see $3 per gallon nowadays.

And with sanctions against Russia due to their invasion of Ukraine and the Biden administration’s hostile attitude towards domestic drilling, the problem doesn’t look like it will be solved anytime soon.

But reports are coming out that there is a concerted effort by groups funded by George Soros that are exacerbating the gasoline shortages across the country.

GFI, a covert George Soros-funded group that helped the Biden administration, presented a document to policymakers on how to reduce gasoline consumption.

According to the GFI letter, the Clean Air Act gives the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the jurisdiction to regulate, or even prohibit, the commercial sale of any motor vehicle fuel.

The letter, which was created in collaboration with the climate group Evergreen Collaborative, also suggested that the EPA may compel gas stations to install electric vehicle charging stations on their land.

“The Clean Air Act provides the Environmental Protection Agency with a number of tools to reduce air pollution,” according to the memo. “One powerful provision is Section 211(c), which authorizes the EPA to ‘control or prohibit the manufacture and sale of any motor vehicle fuel (or fuel additive) if resulting emissions will endanger public health or welfare (or impair emissions control devices).”

“Under this authority, more stringent regulations on vehicle fuels — for example, requiring certain gas stations or national brands to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure — could both reduce deadly air pollution (such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter) and incentivize the use of zero emissions transportation,” it continues.

The memo goes on to say that it was written to “empower advocates and policymakers” to take the next measures it recommends.

The GFI and Evergreen Collaborative letter discusses how the Clean Air Act could eventually be used to battle pollution produced by gasoline-powered internal combustion engine cars.

The document claims that drastic actions are required due to the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions on public health caused by climate change.

The groups conclude that the EPA could seek a total gasoline ban under the Clean Air Act, but they advise against it since the Supreme Court would certainly overturn it “despite the clear text of the statute.”

That’s right, a group explicitly funded by George Soros is lamenting the fact that they can’t outright ban gasoline.

Not only would that cripple the U.S. economy as Americans wouldn’t be able to get to work and shipping would be instantly stopped in its tracks, but it’s an infringement on our freedom.

If the greenies of the Left want Americans to give up gasoline, then they should focus on making green energy more affordable instead of throwing us all into poverty because of their environmental fears.

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