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Over the past few months, trust in the FBI has been going downhill. Their latest antics certainly won’t help matters.

Because the FBI director just exposed himself in front of the U.S. Senate for all of the American public to see.

When Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was raided by the FBI, it immediately threw the legitimacy of the FBI into question in the eyes of millions of Americans.

Many wanted to know why the FBI was being used as a political arm of the Biden administration’s DOJ for the Democrat agenda.

Add on top of that the reality that dozens of pro-lifers have also been raided by the FBI in recent months.

The simple truth is Americans don’t have a ton of faith in the FBI being blind to politics these days.

So when the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, appeared before the U.S. Senate to field questions, it was a prime opportunity for the FBI to restore some confidence in the bureau.

But what we learned was so much worse than we thought.

Director Wray was asked questions about the Hunter Biden scandals and what the FBI’s role was in potentially bringing justice to the crimes of the troubled Biden family member.

Wray was point-blank asked if he thought the reports that Hunter Biden had committed crimes were “Russian disinformation,” Wray said that was a “hard question” for him to answer.

“That would be a hard question for me to answer,” Wray said in response to Senator Johnson’s question.

Senator Ron Johnson didn’t come to play games and responded to Wray with the simple truth that there’s no evidence that the reports are Russian disinformation.

“There is no Russian disinformation,” Johnson responded.

“That report is completely clean of any interference of foreign influence, although we have been falsely accused, including by the chairman of this committee of spreading Russian disinformation.”

Johnson also pressed Wray on the Hunter Biden laptop, asking if the FBI had any involvement in the letter that was signed by 51 intelligence officials that argued – with no evidence – that the Hunter Biden laptop story was a Russian attempt to control the U.S. election.

“I’m not aware of any involvement by the FBI in what you’re describing,” Wray responded.

Johnson noted that the letter obviously had an impact on the 2020 election that likely helped Democrats secure victories at the ballot box that year, especially as social media companies also suppressed the story as well.

“This letter by 51 intelligence officials, this interfered in the 2020 election to a far greater extent than anything Russia or China ever could have hoped to accomplish,” Johnson finished.

“You have to acknowledge that it has to be investigated. I have no faith that you will do so.”

Christopher Wray had a golden opportunity to assure the American people that he and the FBI will execute the law, blind to all political interference.

But he utterly fumbled that opportunity and instead brewed more distrust in the FBI as a whole.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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